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Speeches & Events

Inform and inspire your audience.

Whether you’re kicking off a major event or sitting down for an executive brainstorming session, Altimeter will energize and inform your audience. Our speakers are inspiring and entertaining, while at the same time eminently approachable.

We have presented to a wide variety of audiences in virtually every industry -- from 5,000 people at the World Business Forum to private gatherings of company executives. Types of events range from keynote speeches at user conferences and corporate or industry events, to executive education or employee training presentations, and webinars for prospects and customers.

Altimeter’s audience usually falls into one of two groups:

  • Leaders who see the potential of using disruptive trends, but don’t know how to get started. They are fearful of losing control and want to understand how these strategies can help their organizations.
  • Leaders who are seeking to take their organization to the next level by learning about industry trends and best practices, as well as how to prepare for the future.

Speakers and Topics
Our analysts are highly sought-after speakers who combine thought-provoking visions of the future with practical advice for today. Speeches are tailored for each individual audience and event and draw on the topics and areas of expertise of each analyst listed here.

Charlene Li 
As the author of two bestselling books, Groundswell and Open Leadership, Charlene speaks about leadership and the future of work, social business strategies, and crafting a resilient strategy in the face of new disruptive trends. A selection of her speech topics includes:

  • The Engaged Leader: A Strategy for Your Digital Transformation
  • Open Leadership In Your Organization
  • Creating A Coherent Social Business Strategy
  • The Future Of Work
  • Disruptive Trends to Watch in 2014
  • Convincing Your Curmudgeon – Getting Executive Buy-In For Your Disruptive Strategy
  • Get Engaged With Your Customers (Or Employees)

Brian Solis
Author of the bestselling books What’s the Future of Business?, The End of Business as Usual, and Engage!, Brian is a frequent keynote speaker on topics ranging from digital transformation to the socialization of the corporate brand. A selection of his speech topics includes:

  • What’s the Future of Business?
  • The End of Business as Usual
  • Digital Darwinism: What Killed Borders, Blockbuster and Polaroid and How to Survive
  • The Race to Digital Transformation
  • Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Selling Disruptive Technology to the C-Suite
  • The Evolution from Technology Champion to a Catalyst for Transformation

Susan Etlinger 
Susan is a social data and technology strategist who speaks on a topics related to big data, social data measurement and their impact on enterprise decision making.

  • Analytics Leadership in the Age of Big Data
  • How Big Data is Disrupting the Media Industry
  • Social Data Intelligence: Deriving Actionable Insight from Social Data
  • Shiny Object or Digital Intelligence Hub? Evolution of the Social Media Command Center

Rebecca Lieb 
Author of Content Marketing and The Truth About Search Engine Optimization, Rebecca is a frequent speaker on digital media, content marketing and content strategy, online advertising and search. A list of her engagements can be found here and her current speech topics include:

  • The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned and Earned Media
  • Real-Time Marketing: The Agility to Leverage 'Now'
  • Defining and Mapping the Native Advertising Landscape
  • Organizing for Content: Models to Incorporate Content Strategy and Content Marketing in the Enterprise
  • Content: The New Marketing Equation

Jessica Groopman
Jessica speaks on the Internet of Things. She focuses specifically on how consumer-facing businesses can harness the power of IoT. She blogs here and her current speech topics include:

  • How Brands & Retailers can Leverage the Internet of Things to Enhance Customer Experience
  • From Data Connections to Human Connections: Empowering Customer Relationships in the Internet of Things
  • How to Avoid Creep: The Imperative for Transparency & Trust in the Internet of Things
  • Wearables in the Workplace: The Business Case for Enterprise Wearable Adoption