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Thought Leadership Marketing

Elevate your brand by leveraging Altimeter’s research and influence in the marketplace.

Companies can engage Altimeter Group’s analysts and leverage our industry influence in their own marketing to customers and prospects. We uphold our Commissioned Research Policy in all of our Thought Leadership Marketing activities to maintain integrity and objectivity.

Speeches and Webinars

Educate and inspire your audience by engaging one of our analysts for a speech or webinar. Altimeter analysts and authors are some of the most sought after speakers in the industry. Types of events range from keynote speeches at user conferences and corporate or industry events, to executive education or employee training presentations, as well as webinars for prospects and customers. Speeches and event presentations are tailored for each audience.

Custom Research

Increasingly popular, publish custom Altimeter research in an interactive piece for market education and lead generation purposes. Clients work with Altimeter to repurpose our existing research, or in select cases create research, to educate customers and prospects on specific challenges and opportunities. See recent examples:


Create original video content with Altimeter Group. This can include an interview style Q&A with an Altimeter analyst, an excerpt of our research presented on video, or short outtakes for your marketing B-roll footage. See our YouTube page for examples.

Salon Dinners

Any of our analysts can be featured guests at intimate events for your customers and prospects. This can include the analyst making prepared remarks at the event or simply being a guest at a series of networking or salon dinners.

Blog Posts

Feature an Altimeter Group analyst as a guest on your blog. This can include excerpting our research, publishing a Q&A with one of our thought leaders, publishing a single guest post building on our recent research, or a creating a series of guest posts that address issues relevant to your customers and prospects. For example, Brian Solis wrote this series of posts for the AT&T Networking Exchange blog.