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Social Business Strategy

Transform your business with a sustainable social business strategy.

Organizations usually begin their social efforts by listening and then engaging with customers on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While these efforts often help engage customers, they don't necessarily tie back to business goals. Eventually, executives begin to look at the increased staffing required to manage these engagements and ask, "What are we getting from social?" A sustainable social business strategy binds these disparate efforts together into a long-term plan that details what the organization will do — and just as importantly, will not do — with social.

Social Business Strategy


How Altimeter Can Help

Altimeter’s Social Business Strategy offer gives organizations a three-year roadmap that is tied back to specific business goals, and includes the objectives, initiatives, staffing, resources, and initial organizational plan. The work includes several stages that can be conducted individually or holistically depending on where your company is in the social business maturity cycle. The social strategist -- who typically resides in marketing, communications or support -- is the key stakeholder for this work, with support from a VP or C-level executive.

Opportunity Analysis

Learn what defines best in class in social business to inspire better performing strategies. Understand the business case for social strategy in your organization so you can confidently staff, resource, and support social initiatives.

Social Readiness Review

Evaluate and benchmark internal capabilities and proficiencies required to deliver an effective social business program.

Social Business Roadmap

Create a coherent social business strategy that aligns and supports your business goals. The first stage is Discovery where we conduct stakeholder interviews, an assessment of readiness, and identify opportunities. This phase often includes a SWOT as a summary of the findings. The second phase takes the initial opportunity analysis and creates a three year strategy roadmap. The goal of this phase is to align key stakeholders throughout the organization and ensure their buy-in. High level details on initiatives, staff, resources, and metrics are included to support the alignment process.

Altimeter Academy: Social Business Strategy Education

The Social Business Strategy workshop is a one-day, hands-on workshop designed for strategists and marketing executives responsible for social business inside their organizations. Students leave with pragmatic deliverables, including a draft vision, social business objectives and strategy initiatives for their specific business.