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Data Disruption

Turn your organization’s social data into actionable intelligence.

Today, the average enterprise-class company owns 131 social media accounts, while as many as 13 departments—from marketing to HR to legal—are actively engaged in social media. However, social media – and as a result, social data – are still largely isolated from business-critical enterprise data sourced from platforms such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and market research. The risk is that social media becomes a silo, yielding isolated findings that lead to partially-informed decisions, internal discord, missed opportunities and lack of visibility.

How Altimeter Can Help

Social Data Intelligence Roadmap

Altimeter Group created the Social Data Intelligence (SDI) Roadmap for enterprises that are using, or plan to use, social signals and data for performance management and to drive business decisions. The SDI Roadmap is built on an Altimeter research framework which takes a holistic view of social media data across the enterprise, and facilitates the delivery of a Social Data Intelligence Scorecard and accompanying “maturity map” for social data strategy, as well as providing actionable recommendations for minimizing risk and improving overall business performance.

The SDI Roadmap includes a comprehensive company-wide assessment that covers 35 aspects of internal readiness for social data intelligence within six major categories, including scope, strategy, context, governance, metrics and data. By the conclusion of the project, numerous stakeholders across the organization will have been interviewed, and clients will have a clear assessment of their organization’s maturity with regard to social data. This holistic view will drive a series of pragmatic recommendations, mapped to scorecard findings, which give actionable steps to identify opportunities and risk, improve business performance and gain competitive advantage.

Social Data Intelligence Maturity Overall Score = 3.0 out of 5.0


Altimeter Academy: Social Business Analytics

Altimeter’s Social Business Analytics Workshop is designed for social strategists, marketers, and others whose roles require them to interpret and report on social data and social media metrics.

  • “As demand for social media engagement grows at Adobe, social data measurement becomes increasingly challenging. After working with Altimeter Group on the SDI Roadmap, Adobe has a much better sense of what data to measure at scale, and what to share across the organization. This knowledge has helped us establish priorities that will help drive our business into the future.”

    Maria Saltz, Senior Manager of Social Media Analytics, Adobe