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Digital Transformation

Strategists must re-imagine the entire customer journey.

As digital trends evolve, so must your approach to building and integrating digital customer experiences. Altimeter Group studies how companies are successfully pursuing digital transformation and offers these services to help you begin or advance the digital transformation process inside your organization.

Why Now? Making the Case for Digital Transformation

Change agents will find this engagement useful to convey the importance of digital transformation to leadership within their companies. After talking to your most important internal stakeholders and reviewing your existing digital resources, Altimeter will deliver a top-line opportunity analysis and recommendations for how digital transformation can positively impact customer experience in ways directly connected to your business goals.

Elements of Digital Transformation


How Altimeter Can Help

Digital Transformation Audit

Once you have made the case for digital transformation within your company, Altimeter Group provides a comprehensive audit of existing efforts and infrastructure to assess readiness and identify opportunities. We'll benchmark your organization against other companies to provide a detailed vision into your current state and what it will take to start or continue down the path toward digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Opportunity Analysis

After we know more about your current state and readiness for digital transformation, we conduct a more comprehensive analysis of the opportunities for growth and results. Through the lens of improving the customer experience, a deep dive into your marketplace and industry identifies the specific risks of not pursuing digital transformation. Altimeter presents opportunities via case studies, market research, industry benchmarks, and proprietary data - all unique to your company's business objectives.

Leadership Session: The Value of Digital Transformation

Change accelerates only once buy-in is earned at the top. To get that buy-in requires outside perspective and expertise to help executives see the bigger picture. Altimeter Group assembles internal stakeholders to create alignment and support for digital transformation efforts. The Leadership Session is an onsite workshop and presentation that builds consensus for why and how to lead this effort now.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

For many, digital transformation is a top priority, but sorting through what needs to happen, when and with whom is hard work. Altimeter Group partners with stakeholders to match digital transformation efforts with business goals and priorities. We develop a three-year roadmap, with every initiative prioritized, detailed, and assigned to guide strategists through each step of change.

Digital Customer Experience Mapping 

Altimeter’s Digital Customer Experience (DCX) research helps businesses prioritize investments in their customer relationships. Our work studies the specific behaviors, technologies and touch points of your connected customers throughout every step of their journey. Altimeter identifies points of influence, studies the role that search and social play, observes the context of screens and platforms and how/when/why all devices are used.

We seek to identify content verticals, what gets people to engage, and what new social/digital activities are surfacing. We document our findings, outline your new customer journey and present recommendations for developing a strategic roadmap for engagement and technology investments.