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Customer Experience
in the Internet of Things

Engage customers to create a ‘win-win’ value exchange.

With every consumer expected to own up to 20 — or more — connected devices by the year 2020, brands can’t afford to ignore the Internet of Things (IoT) as a channel for engagement. Yet, many companies are mystified by IoT, and how it fits in with their digital strategy. IoT offers an entirely new paradigm for building relationships with customers - and it has the potential to mutually benefit both enterprise and consumer. Enterprises gain visibility; consumers gain empowerment.



Four Steps To Architecting Consumer Facing IoT Experiences

How Altimeter Can Help: Services for Brands

Education Workshop: The Value of IoT for Consumer Brands

The challenge for many brands is making sense of IoT — what is it, what isn't it, and what is its true potential? Digital and brand strategists need to learn how, where, and when to apply IoT to their consumer-facing programs. The Education Workshop is a presentation or on-site workshop that helps arm strategists with new insights on customer-facing IoT, including Altimeter's research on five definitive use cases, case studies, and recommendations for how to assess the opportunities and get started.  

Opportunity Assessment for Customer-Facing IoT

How can your brand create win-win value for your business and consumers alike? Start by retaining Altimeter for a research-based assessment of your opportunities in the customer-facing IoT landscape. Altimeter conducts a comprehensive analysis of competitors, innovators, and emerging best practices, then assesses your current strategic and organizational readiness against business objectives. We'll benchmark your current state now, then help you set goals to achieve milestones on your way to deploying a customer-facing IoT strategy.  

Leadership Session: The Value of IoT for Consumer Brands

Change accelerates only once buy-in is earned at the top. To get that buy-in requires outside perspective and expertise to help leaders see the bigger picture. Altimeter Group assembles internal stakeholders to create alignment and support for IoT efforts. The Leadership Session is a presentation or on-site workshop that helps make the business case to leaders and executives.

How Altimeter Can Help: Services for Technology Companies

The Internet of Things is a complicated space for technology vendors. Altimeter's approach to IoT helps vendors think and communicate strategically and honestly as they approach this competitive and crowded market. Our services include:

Advisory for Technology Vendors

Applying sensors to customer experiences requires a new way of thinking about ‘digital’-- one that is inherently about the physical world. Drawing on her research on customer experience in the Internet of Things, industry analyst Jessica Groopman gives actionable advice to help you stay focused key business objectives and outcomes related to IoT.   

Sample areas of advisory include:

  • Product positioning
  • Use case development
  • Platform/sensor type ideation
  • Privacy/communications advisory
  • Industry/vertical considerations
  • How IoT addresses shifting consumer expectations

Thought Leadership Marketing

Engage Altimeter Group analyst Jessica Groopman to leverage her research and industry influence in your own IoT-related marketing to customers and prospects. Thought leadership marketing activities include: 

  • Speeches and webinars: educate customers or prospects at your next event
  • Thought leadership studies: joint research for marketing education purposes
  • Videos: interview style Q&A or other original video content
  • Blog posts: feature Altimeter as a guest your blog with an interview/Q&A or an excerpt of our research 

Learn more about working with Altimeter Group on Thought Leadership here.