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Content Strategy

Content is the atomic particle of all marketing.

Businesses are challenged to create an ever-increasing amount of content for use in a plethora of channels, ranging from thought leadership to blogs, websites, social media channels and more. Many brands today publish more content than Time Magazine did 25 years ago. Yet brands are not newsrooms, or production studios. They struggle with resources, staffing, tools, process and above all, strategy. The lack of a coherent and cohesive content strategy negatively impacts paid, owned and earned media, resulting in gaps and duplications that waste time, money and resources.

Content Marketing Use Cases

Content Marketing Use Cases

How Altimeter Can Help

Altimeter Group’s Content Strategy comprises four different services that can be pursued individually or holistically depending on the needs and maturity of your organization.

Content Audit

Altimeter’s Content Audit is based on a 50+ point diagnostic which we use to benchmark your content initiatives and capabilities, done in part through extensive stakeholder interviews. Major areas covered in the diagnostic include (but are not limited to):

  • Ability of content to reach strategic marketing goals
  • Effectiveness of content in specific areas (e.g. metrics, SEO, social media)
  • Organizational model that supports content production, distribution and governance
  • Competitive landscape audit

Content Strategy Roadmap

Altimeter can help by evaluating your current content initiatives, benchmarking content marketing maturity, and building a roadmap for moving forward. This is done in part through interviews with key stakeholders in the company including the core team, and representatives from business units most impacted and involved in content. Typical examples are lines of business, support, product development, risk and compliance, corporate communications, marketing, social media, sales, customer service, legal, and HR.

Primary areas addressed include:

  • Scope: the number of internal groups that work with content
  • Strategy: the extent to which content — and content-related metrics — are in alignment with strategic business objectives across the organization
  • Integration: the ability of the organization to collaborate, share, and repurpose content across divisions and media channels for consistency and economies of scale
  • Governance: the extent to which the organization has developed and formalized processes related to workflow, collaboration, repurposing and sharing
  • Metrics: the extent to which metrics have been defined as they relate to content
  • Tools: the evaluation of current toolsets and recommendations for additional tools and software to increase efficiencies

At the conclusion of this work, you will have a clear understanding of your stage of maturity with content marketing and content strategy, and a set of pragmatic recommendations and benchmarks to ensure you are making informed decisions.

Content Vendor Selection

The content marketing software landscape is crowded, rapidly changing, and highly inconsistent. Marketers struggle to select the right tools not only for their own content marketing needs, but also solutions that integrate with enterprise, process, and platform concerns. Based on your existing capabilities, content strategy, and stated needs and requirements, Altimeter Group can suggest a short list of content marketing vendors suitable for your organization’s content strategy.

Altimeter Academy: Content Marketing Training

Drawn from our research and tailored based on your individual content marketing strategy, this Altimeter Academy workshop equips your marketers with the fundamentals of content marketing and content strategy. The half-day workshop is hands-on, and students leave with an understanding of how integrated content marketing can meet broader business objectives.