Welcome Susan Etlinger, Altimeter’s First Consultant!

by Charlene Li Please extend a warm welcome to Susan Etlinger, the first consultant to join the Altimeter team. With the addition of Susan, we now have eight client service professionals and five team members on staff. Susan will be working with me in the Leadership and Management practice to launch actionable programs in support of my forthcoming book, Open Leadership, due out later this month from Jossey-Bass. She will also conduct independent research and analysis, and will be starting a … [Read more...]

Review copies of “Open Leadership” available

by Charlene Li The hardcover version of “Open Leadership” is due to be in stores the end of May but I have 400 galleys of the book available for bloggers and Twitter-ers to review as long as you meet some basic criteria (see below) The galleys are preliminary, bound manuscripts and as such, contain some typos and errors (which we hopefully all found and corrected). While not perfect, the content is basically the same as the final product so acts as a good basis for a review. I’ll be happy to … [Read more...]

Announcing “Open Leadership” Webinar series

by Charlene Li I’m pleased to announce a four-part series featuring the ideas and content from my new book, “Open Leadership” which will be available in late May. Below are descriptions as well as registration information for each of these Webinars. These Webinars are free and I’ll also be posting recordings and the slides from them online after each Webinar in case you can’t attend them. More information about the “Open Leadership” book is available at open-leadership.com. Description: "Be … [Read more...]

Question of the week: What one thing should leaders to do prep for social media?

by Charlene Li This week, I'm participating with Nokia's IdeasProject.com in their "Question of the Week". Each week, someone poses a question that hopefully generates some interesting ideas and spurs discussion and thinking. By next Sunday, I'll pick the best response and the winner will receive a Nokia phone. But my hope is that we'll all be winners by learning from each other. So here's my question: “As social technologies change the way that leaders interact with customers, … [Read more...]

Google Buzz and Kids – Parental Control Nightmare

by Charlene Li Like many parents, I try to take steps to keep my kids safe online, making sure that they understand not to share personal information online, or even to use their real names. They know how to write appropriate emails, and I constantly monitoring what they do, the emails they send, and most importantly, engaging in a constant dialog with what they are doing online. But when I logged into my Google Buzz account this evening, I found that my 9 year old daughter had posted the … [Read more...]

Welcome to new Altimeter Group partners: Alan Webber and Lora Cecere

I'm pleased to announce that Altimeter Group has brought on two additional partners to meet the growing demand of our clients, which now number over 40 retained clients. Alan Webber and Lora Cecere each bring with them unique areas of expertise, but what makes them great partners for Altimeter is their ability to help clients understand and address opportunities and problems created by emerging technologies. Trends such as open government and supply chain/demand orchestration disrupt … [Read more...]

“Socialgraphics” webinar slides and recording now available

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar we held today on "Understanding Your Customers' Social Behaviors". Many people wanted to attend the webinar but weren't able to because of schedule conflicts. So we're making the slides and a video recording (slides and audio) available here. You can also download from Slideshare.net (for slides) and drop.io (for the recording). Also, there was a vibrant conversation taking place on sites like Twitter, using the hashtag #socialgraphics (for search of … [Read more...]

Saleforce.com integrates social with Chatter launch

At its Dreamforce conference, Salesforce.com announced the launch of Chatter Collaboration Cloud. On the surface, it may look like merely Twitter integrated deeply into Salesforce.com's offerings, but it's really a social platform that can integrate multiple inputs that will accelerate the opening up of enterprise applications. I was pre-briefed about the announcement, so will walk you through major highlights and also discuss a few implications. Overview Chatter Collaboration Cloud reflects … [Read more...]

Altimeter’s Crew: Sales, Research, And Support

At Altimeter, we take great pride in the people we work with. So I’d like to take a moment and introduce members of the team outside of the four partners. Some of them are new and others have been with me from the start, but each of them is essential to our growth. And boy, are we growing! We’ve added over 25 new client relationships since August 2009, with more on the way. David Stanley will be joining us as Vice President of Business Development and Sales, where he will be responsible for … [Read more...]

International examples of “open” organizations and leaders needed

I'm wrapping up work on my next book "Open" and am in need of a few examples of organizations and leaders outside of North America. In particular, I'm looking for examples of organizations that have put in place more open information sharing or decisions making processes or technologies, and as a result, have seen substantial business impact. In particular, I'm interested in learning how they went through the journey of letting go of control, and in the process, transformed the relationship … [Read more...]