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Social Business vs. Social Media: Take Altimeter’s 2012 Survey

Jaimy Szymanski

Social business success measuresBusinesses may be seen as having a “successful” social strategy by virtue of citations in case studies and speaking at conferences. But, by far, the best metric of success is concrete examples of how the organization creates business value via social technologies across multiple departments and dimensions of their business.

In our upcoming research report, we will take a closer look at successful social business strategies that are clearly aligned with strategic business goals AND have alignment and support throughout the organization. We have already conducted multiple interviews with companies along all levels of social maturity, and, as asupplement to that research, we invite you to take a short survey:

By contributing to Altimeter's next Open Research report, you'll help in bringing a maturity model for social business to light. The greater insight we can gather from individuals connected to their organizations' social strategies, the better we can analyze what makes for a successful social business strategy, and what best practice processes can help you get there.

In addition, as a thank you for taking the survey, we'll provide you with a benchmark against companies that are the same size, in terms of number of employees.

The survey will close on Friday, Oct. 26, at 5 p.m. PST. Please take the survey yourself and also pass it along to any colleagues that may be interested.

We look forward to analyzing the survey results and presenting a quality research report from its findings in mid-November. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

- Charlene Li and Brian Solis