Social Business vs. Social Media: Take Altimeter’s 2012 Survey

Social business success measures

Businesses may be seen as having a “successful” social strategy by virtue of citations in case studies and speaking at conferences. But, by far, the best metric of success is concrete examples of how the organization creates business value via social technologies across multiple departments and dimensions of their business. In our upcoming research report, we will take a closer look at successful social business strategies that are clearly aligned with strategic business goals AND have … [Read more...]

Altimeter’s Pilot Series: A Community Discussion the Mainstreaming Of Social Media

By Charlene Li Last week we kicked off our Pilot Series (see all pics), with the goal of giving the people who drive strategies around disruptive technologies (the "pilots") have a time and place where they can come together to connect, learn, and rejuvenate. Our first event featured the latest addition to the Altimeter team, Brian Solis, who discussed the changes he's seen happen in just the past year -- and it's reflected in the paperback release of his book, "Engage". Brian took the … [Read more...]

Brian Solis Joins Altimeter Group

We are excited to announce that Brian Solis is joining Altimeter Group. (read Brian's post). As a long-time practitioner, author, and thought leader in the digital and social media space, Brian brings tremendous experience and thought leadership to the Altimeter team. In particular, his research and client work at Altimeter will focus on bridging the gap between strategy and execution, and change management, and process innovation. Brian will serve clients through advisory services, internal … [Read more...]