Would you invite 16 bloggers to spend 24 hours with your company? The Navy did.

(I previously wrote an intro and link post about the bloggers who went on the USS Nimitz.) When the Navy issued the invitation for 16 bloggers to spend a day on the USS Nimitz, I thought there had to be string attached, or that the Navy wanted to use us bloggers as propaganda spreaders. But hey, I'm used to people pitching me and trusted myself to be able to figure out the real story behind the Navy "story". But surprisingly, there were no pre-conditions, no restrictions on access other than … [Read more...]

Nimitz Blogger Embark: Intro & Links

At the end of May, I joined 15 other bloggers for a trip on the aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz which was about 80 miles off the coast of San Diego. Which meant that we had to fly on and off the carrier. And yes, it was a pretty amazing to experience to get caught by a wire and catapulted off the carrier. But my longest lasting memories will be of the amazing people I met. I will be writing a few additional posts with more details, but below is a quick overview as well as links to the content … [Read more...]

Bloggers On the USS Nimitz

I was recently invited to participate in a Blogger Embark to visit and spend the night on the USS Nimitz off the California coast along with a dozen or so other bloggers at the end of May. When I got the invite, I just about fell out of my seat -- my first thought was COOL. But very quickly, my second thought was whether it made sense for me to go. As you can imagine, the military isn't something I write about, and clearly, the Navy PR team is hoping to get some good coverage out of it. … [Read more...]