Open Leadership Awards Update

by Charlene Li I’m very excited to announce that we have selected the winners for our first annual Open Leadership awards. We’ll be announcing the winners at our Rise of Social Commerce event on October 6 at 5pm Pacific, so stay tuned! You'll be able to follow the award ceremony and conference online at UStream. All entrants have now been notified, so if you have not yet heard from us, we encourage you to submit again next year; we’re sure that there will be some incredible innovations and … [Read more...]

Altimeter’s One Year Anniversary

One year ago, Altimeter announced the addition of three partners - Jeremiah Owyang, Deb Schultz, and Ray Wang - turning what was up to then a one-woman shop into a company. We moved into small offices (affectionately named "The Hangar), made a trek to Ikea to buy furniture, had a rock-and-rolling kick off party, and got down to business. In those early days, we were filled with optimism even though we were starting in the grips of the deepest recession in memory. That's because we believed in … [Read more...]

Announcing the Open Leadership Awards

by Charlene Li I'm pleased to announce the Open Leadership Awards, which will recognize the organizations and individuals who are using social technologies to open and transform their organizations.  Being open is hard, so this is a chance to highlight organizations and leaders who are successfully giving up control while still getting things done. If your organization has changed the way you make decisions, share information or engage with your community and employees, this is your chance to … [Read more...]

Welcome to new Altimeter Group partners: Alan Webber and Lora Cecere

I'm pleased to announce that Altimeter Group has brought on two additional partners to meet the growing demand of our clients, which now number over 40 retained clients. Alan Webber and Lora Cecere each bring with them unique areas of expertise, but what makes them great partners for Altimeter is their ability to help clients understand and address opportunities and problems created by emerging technologies. Trends such as open government and supply chain/demand orchestration disrupt … [Read more...]

Altimeter’s Crew: Sales, Research, And Support

At Altimeter, we take great pride in the people we work with. So I’d like to take a moment and introduce members of the team outside of the four partners. Some of them are new and others have been with me from the start, but each of them is essential to our growth. And boy, are we growing! We’ve added over 25 new client relationships since August 2009, with more on the way. David Stanley will be joining us as Vice President of Business Development and Sales, where he will be responsible for … [Read more...]

Announcing Altimeter Group

I'm very happy and proud to announce my new company, Altimeter Group. The goal of the company is to provide thought leadership on social and emerging technologies, And thanks to the support and well-wishes of many people, I'm off and running. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I'm getting about Altimeter Group. What services will you be providing? My goal is to help leaders and their companies understand how to deal with and thrive with social and emerging technologies. This … [Read more...]