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Call for Insights #2: Altimeter Blog Ring and the Adaptive Organization

Jaimy Szymanski

Request: We want to hear from you. Tell us on your blog or website how the principles of an Adaptive Organization impact your business, and we’ll cross-link to the conversation.

Altimeter Group continues its blog ring in July and August to deepen understanding of our three research themes. The next theme of focus is the Adaptive Organization. Consider these key questions when contributing to the conversation on your blog or website:

  • What consumer technology trends will contribute to the need for adaptive organizational models?
  • How can organizations predict and prepare for the next disruptive trend?
  • What’s required inside an organization to make these changes?
  • Have you seen any examples of Adaptive Organizations - either your own or others?

Additional blog ring information and related posts on the Dynamic Customer Journey can be found here.

The details:

Adaptive Organization

How can an organization be faster than real time?

  1. The research theme of focus for July and August will be Adaptive Organization (AO). Short-form definition: Organizations continue to operate in industrial-era silos that are more appropriate for the factory floor than a digital world. A chaotic marketplace is forcing organizations to respond, whether ready or not. Organizations that adapt their organizational and leadership structures will be able to not just manage, but also anticipate and leverage these disruptions to stay relevant.
    Read the full AO description on our website.
  2. Be on the lookout for each Altimeter analyst to share their take on how AO applies to their individual specialty. Altimeter analyst blogs can be found here, and all posts will also be aggregated on the main Altimeter Blog and AO theme page of the Altimeter website.
  3. In addition to aggregating Altimeter analyst blog posts, we will also post a link to all thoughtful blog posts submitted by our readers. You can submit your post using this form. Posts that we determine as especially insightful will also be linked to from the main AO theme page on the Altimeter Group website.
  4. All submitted posts will be linked to in individual tweets via Altimeter Group’s Twitter account (@altimetergroup).
  5. Subsequent themes include: Sentient World (SW) -- September/October.

All questions regarding the blog ring may be directed to jaimy [at] altimetergroup [dot] com.

We appreciate your assistance in helping to drive industry research, growth, and conversation in a community environment that all can benefit from. Feel free to reuse the Adaptive Organization icon found in this post, as well as our themes webinar:

We look forward to reading your posts!

Jeremiah Owyang and Jaimy Szymanski

Thoughts on Adaptive Organization from Industry Thought Leaders

Thoughts on Adaptive Organization from Altimeter Analysts