Speeches and Webinars

Organizations can also engage Altimeter analysts to provide thought leadership on disruptive trends in the form of in-person speeches and webinars. Audiences and purposes range from internal teams and departments to customer and user conferences. Some recent examples include:

  • Webinar for Prospects and Customers. Webinars can also include replay rights that allow companies to post the content on an internal or external site.
  • Speech at a Customer Event. Altimeter analysts can also be engaged for one-time events outside of an advisory relationship. More information can be found in our Speaking Services section.
  • Internal Education. Audiences can also include internal audiences. For example, a large, multi-national company recently engaged Altimeter to participate in the ongoing training of all of its executive teams, specifically addressing how executives need to understand social technologies and incorporate it into not only their strategies but also their leadership styles.

Additionally, Altimeter provides training and education across several topics — more details can be found in our Training Services section.