Whether you’re kicking off a major event or sitting down for an executive brainstorming session, Altimeter can help energize your audience. Altimeter’s analysts are professionally trained, highly sought-after speakers who combine thought-provoking visions of the future with practical advice for the present. Our speakers are inspiring and entertaining, while at the same time eminently approachable. We have presented to a wide variety of public and private organizations in virtually every industry.

Altimeter’s audience usually falls into one of two groups:

  • Leaders who see the potential of using disruptive trends, but don’t know how to get started. They are fearful of losing control and want to understand how these strategies can help their organizations.
  • Leaders who are seeking to take their organization to the next level by learning about industry trends and best practices, as well as how to prepare for the future.

Speech Topics

Whatever the audience, the speech is always customized for the group being addressed. Any of the below speech topics can be combined and customized to meet your event needs. A few current speech topics include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Hot or Not: Deciding Which Disruptive Technologies Matter
  • Creating a Coherent Social Strategy
  • The Future of Social Networks
  • Convincing Your Curmudgeon — Getting Executive Buy-In for Your Social Strategy
  • Get Engaged With Your Customers (or Employees)
  • Recruiting an Unpaid Army for Word of Mouth
  • The Customer of the Future
  • Developing a Mobile Strategy for the Whole Customer Lifecycle
  • Developing — and Investing — in a Social CRM Strategy
  • Rethinking Innovation in Your Enterprise Strategy
  • It’s the People Stupid: Designing a Social Experience
  • Funding an Enterprise Strategy
  • Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist
  • Developing a Scalable Social Strategy

Speaker Bios

Susan Etlinger
Susan speaks about how companies can use social data to better understand customer needs, make informed business decisions and measure performance.  See clips of Susan speaking, and previous speaking engagements here:  http://susanetlinger.wordpress.com/speaking/
Charlene Li
As the author of two bestselling books, Groundswell and Open Leadership, Charlene speaks about social media strategies, leadership in the new open era, and crafting a resilient strategy in the face of new disruptive trends.
Rebecca Lieb
Rebecca, author of Content Marketing and The Truth About Search Engine Optimization, is a frequent speak on digital media, content marketing and content strategy, online advertising and search. A list of her forthcoming and past engagements can be found here: http://www.rebeccalieb.com/rebecca_lieb_public_speaking.html.
Brian Solis
As the author the bestselling book Engage! and the upcoming The End of Business as Usual, Brian is a frequent keynote speaker on topics ranging from the state of social media to the socialization of the corporate brand.

Presentation Archives

Below are the latest presentations given by Altimeter Partners that are publicly available. For a full list of presentations, visit our full Presentation Archive on SlideShare.

Contact Us

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