Mobile Market Study

In the crowded market for mobile solutions, technology innovators seek to stand above the crowd. Market validation in mobile application development, mobile enterprise management and mobile workforce applications remains difficult as investment pours into these markets leaving truly transformative solutions mired among also-ran competitors and imitators.

Business Plan

Altimeter Group works with technology innovators to assist them in building defensible, data-backed market-facing materials that showcase the unique capabilities of their products while educating their potential market. Whether built on qualitative or quantitative inputs the result is an independent validation point, critical in emerging and rapidly evolving markets like mobile.


Creating a Mobile Market Study takes place in two parts, primary research and deliverable generation:

  • Primary research: Working wit h the client, Altimeter will develop a data gathering instrument and methodology (either quantitative or qualitative) to assess market trends and attitudes in a given product space.
  • After reviewing and processing data (taking into account need for cross-tabulation, follow-up interviews and other factors) Altimeter will create a public-facing deliverable that can take one of many forms as outlined in the deliverables section.


Major deliverables for a market study are as follows:

  • Data set or interview synopses from research phase – all data gathered in the market study process is property of the client for current and future use
  • Public-facing deliverable – in leveraging the data and findings of the study, Altimeter works with clients to determine set of deliverables that will best educate their customers and market, some example deliverable formats are:
    • Written document
    • Speech for customers or internal education
    • Internal or public webinar
    • Video presentation of results

Timeframe and Process

Timeframes vary depending on the methodology of data gathering employed and method of delivery, however, most market studies last from 4 to 8 weeks from the start of data gathering to the completion of the first deliverable.


Dependent on means of data collection, size and location of sample and the content to be delivered to audience.