Social Readiness Roadmap and Diagnostic

To evaluate and benchmark internal capabilities required to deliver a social business program.

About You

You’re a business decision maker for social media programs or a Social Strategist at a medium to large enterprise.

Business Problem

Companies are quick to deploy social media programs. However, without adequate preparation and a social readiness roadmap, enterprise-class social media strategies suffer from a lack of coordination, accountability, and scale, while risking exposure to social media crises. The Social Readiness Roadmap addresses this problem.

How the Social Readiness Roadmap Works

Social business represents a profound internal change that impacts organizational structures, roles, policies, processes, and software. Companies must prepare internally to coordinate and scale customer-facing programs in social media channels.

Get on the Road to Social Readiness

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Altimeter Group’s Social Readiness Roadmap is based on a 50+ point diagnostic, which we use to benchmark your social business capabilities. This is done in part through interviews with key stakeholders in the company.  Interviewees include the core social media team and representatives from business units most impacted and involved in social media. Typical examples are public relations, marketing, sales, support, product, legal, and HR.

Major areas covered in the social readiness diagnostic include (but are not limited to):

  • Organizational model that best supports social media strategy
  • Strategic social media roadmaps
  • Presence of social media, community, and privacy policies
  • Education, consultation, training, and support for employees
  • Social media tools and technologies
  • Processes to handle inbound engagement or support requests

The Deliverables You Can Expect

The following deliverables are included (but are not limited to):

  • Social Readiness Diagnostic: Quantitative scorecard, including scores and justifications for 50+ social readiness requirements, and an executive dashboard
  • Benchmarking: See how your overall score compares with other companies
  • Summary of Findings and Recommendations: A summary of stakeholder and scorecard findings, as well as 3-5 major recommendations with pragmatic action items
  • Delivery of Findings and Recommendations: Delivery of these findings and recommendations via a 2-hour webinar or on-site presentation


Typically 8-12 weeks to complete the following:

  1. Stakeholder Interviews: Conduct up to 8 stakeholder group interviews (30-60 minutes each)
  2. Diagnostic Analysis: Develop scores and justifications for 50+ social media readiness requirements
  3. Initial Findings: Present initial social scorecard and stakeholder findings on identified strengths, challenges, and aspirations
  4. Final Recommendations: Develop and present final findings and 3-5 major recommendations for a Social Readiness Roadmap


Dependent on number of interviews, and any additional needs identified.

What Our Clients Say

“The Altimeter Social Media Readiness Assessment helps WellPoint see the forest from the trees when it comes to using social collaboration for a plethora of business goals. Our partnership with Altimeter, and this project in particular, has allowed us to identify the pillars we need to build or strengthen to ensure our brand promises are kept amid real-time connections between our consumers, employees and other stakeholders.”
Kelly Colbert, Staff VP of Strategic Advertising at WellPoint
“The Social Readiness Roadmap continually helps us take a step back and think about the bigger picture. It’s easy to get caught up in the weeds with internal projects and deadlines, but the Social Readiness Roadmap helps remind us about the larger opportunities in social media that will move the needle and position Adobe as a leader in the space. That’s where Altimeter Group has been critical.”
Maria Poveromo, Sr. Director of AR, PR, and Social Media at Adobe

Case Study: Adobe Lays the Foundation for a Social Business

In this case study, learn how Adobe leveraged Altimeter’s Social Readiness Roadmap to identify gaps and build on areas of opportunity, laying the foundation for a social business across multiple business units across the enterprise.

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