Mobile Strategy

With over half of the US population carrying a smartphone and rapidly growing numbers toting tablets, the time for building mobile innovation is here. Whether innovating on mobile technology to better serve customers or creating strategies to address the growing number of internal mobile workers, Altimeter Group is creating research to help companies succeed.
Mobile enterprise strategy encompasses the use and management of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets along with development of custom applications and workflows for mobile workers. A properly developed mobile strategy takes into account the device types best suited for a workforce, ownership and management models for those devices.

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Mobile Workforce Audit

A qualitative and quantitative gap analysis of existing mobile assets, tools, management and mobile governance.


IT and senior strategy leaders

Business Pain

As the penetration of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets makes up a larger and larger percentage of consumers, so too does the presence of – and applications for – these devices inside of companies. What’s lacking? Most organizations have disparate mobile policies and controls, infrastructure and internal content that’s lacking customization for mobile use and untapped opportunities to serve highly mobile members of their organization better.
The Mobile Workforce Audit will identify gaps in current mobile assets, highlight and consolidate those that can be better used and lay out a roadmap for achieving consistent best practices in empowering mobile employees.


Altimeter’s Mobile Workforce Audit is based on detailed discovery processes and in-depth stakeholder interviews.
Major areas covered in the diagnostic include (but are not limited to):

  • Current mobile user trends and archetypes
  • Effectiveness of existing management tools for mobile devices, data and content
  • Gaps in existing systems for supporting mobile work, such as accessing data, static content and participating in social and collaboration workflows
  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Education, training, and support needs for employees


The following deliverables are included (but not limited to):

  • Mobile Asset Audit: Assessment of reviewed mobile assets and findings from stakeholder interviews will drive a gap analysis identifying areas for investment in mobile strategy.
  • Executive Summary of Findings and Recommendations: A summary of stakeholder and scorecard findings, as well 3-5 major recommendations with pragmatic action items
  • Delivery of Findings and Recommendations: Delivery of these findings and recommendations via a 1-hour virtual or on-site presentation

Timeframe and Process

Typically 8-12 weeks to complete the following:

  • Stakeholder Interviews: Conduct interviews with stakeholder groups.
  • Gap Analysis: Outline areas for improvement ranging from critical needs to best practices with detailed information for each.
  • Initial Findings: Present initial scorecard and stakeholder findings on identified strengths, challenges and aspirations.
  • Final Recommendations: Develop and present final findings and mobile strategy recommendations.


Dependent on number of interviews, amount of content to be audited, and any additional needs identified

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