Sentient World

“What’s smarter: A college grad or your future fridge?”


  • As more and more inanimate objects start to develop data and intelligence as they connect to each other, a network of autonomous interactions will emerge. In the future, our devices will be able to manage, analyze, report, predict, forecast, and more — while humans experience their days more intelligently and efficiently. We are experiencing a shift from a world of inanimate objects and reactive devices to a world where data, intelligence, and computing power are distributed, ubiquitous, and networked. We’re seeing a variety of market forces — from sensor, data capture, and a computing processor — empower this world for consumers and organizations alike. Who will deliver the content for and based on these interactions? Who will manage the data that arises? Understanding the intersection between physical and digital, while discerning signal from noise will become base-level survival skills for organizations.

Pain: Why Organizations Are Paying Attention:

  • Disruption: Content has largely evolved from the printed page to the digital page. Now it needs to come alive in response to interactions, creating a layer of data that has not previously existed and enabling desktop-level insight for business decision makers. Meanwhile, vendors must include technology and design choices that ensure their products can participate in this dialogue and remain relevant.

Who Is Affected:

  • This impacts a broad range of industries, from supply chain, power, energy, sustainability, consumer electronics, auto, financial, health, hospitality, and more.

Top Four Questions Altimeter Will Answer:

  • Once the conversation begins, how can companies and users participate?
  • What content should we offer as an organization, and how can employees, customers, and partners leverage this content?
  • What are the pertinent elements of “new data” that should be used as signals and metrics of interaction, performance, and satisfaction, or its opposite?
  • What are the appropriate metrics and how do we measure success in this new world?

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