Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management

Research Report: Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management

Authors: R “Ray” Wang and Jeremiah Owyang

Publication Date: March 5, 2010


Customers continue to adopt social technologies at a blinding speed — yet organizations are unable to keep up. Why? Rapid adoption of social networking enables users to connect with individuals and communities who share mutual interests, increasingly leaving organizations out of the conversation. Simply hiring more people to keep up with social marketing, sales, and support will not be sufficient, as consumers and their new channels will always outnumber employees. As a result, companies need an organized approach using enterprise software that connects business units to the social web — giving them the opportunity to respond in near-real time and in a coordinated fashion.

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Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management

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Social CRM Use Cases: 5Ms and Marketing, by Altimeter Group

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