Scaling Social Business: How Brands Manage Complex, Distributed Programs

Research Report: Scaling Social Business: How Brands Manage Complex, Distributed Programs

Author: Jeremiah Owyang and Andrew Jones, with Christine Tran

Publication Date: Februrary 7, 2013


Most large companies engage in social media today, yet many find themselves overwhelmed by the number of conversations taking place without proper resources, training, or tools. In the technology realm, social media management systems (SMMS), software tools that companies deploy to manage accounts on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, have become necessary for many brands to manage their external social engagement.

However, despite the aid of technology, we found that brands still lack clarity about to how to address social media proliferation specifically within their own organization. One challenge is that few detailed SMMS case studies exist, and of those, few include details beyond technology features. It is not surprising that vendors focus on their products, many of which are feature-rich and complex all on their own. Yet brands seek to understand the bigger picture: the implications for their organizational structure, requirements for new policies and processes, how to educate stakeholders, and other aspects of internal preparation. Technology on its own is insufficient to address the challenge.

The case studies in this document aim to tie these pieces together by showing how brands today manage a complex social environment and effectively engage with customers.

Scaling Social Business: How Brands Manage Complex, Distributed Programs

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