Real-Time Marketing: The Agility to Leverage ‘Now’

Research Report: Real-Time Marketing: The Agility to Leverage ‘Now’

Author: Rebecca Lieb, with Jessica Groopman

Publication Date: December 17, 2013

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Digital channels are ‘on’ 24/7, a fact that’s as true for brands as it is for traditional media. Organizations struggle to keep up, not to mention remain relevant. All marketing organizations must now consider to what degree they will function in real time.

New research from Industry Analyst Rebecca Lieb and Senior Researcher Jessica Groopman defines Real-Time Marketing (RTM) and identifies the top six RTM use cases in which savvy organizations are leveraging the ‘Now.’ This research addresses the benefits and advantages of RTM over traditional media approaches, as well as some of the key challenges and risks that accompany it.

Altimeter interviewed 18 expert RTM industry practitioners from brands, vendors and agencies, and found successful RTM requires substantial strategic and tactical preparation. This research introduces 12 critical steps businesses must take to move into real-time readiness. As digital channels become increasingly more real time, learn how your business can not only keep up, but stay prepared for Now.

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