Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networks

Research Report: Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networks

Author: Charlene Li

Publication Date: February 22, 2012


In 2011, the US hit a milestone — more than half of all adults visit social networking sites at least once a month. But when it comes to using social-networking technologies inside organizations, many business leaders are at a loss to understand what value can be created from Facebook-like status updates within the enterprise. Some organizations have deployed social-networking features with an initial enthusiastic reception, only to see these early efforts wither to just a few stalwart participants. The problem: Most companies approach enterprise social networks as a technology deployment and fail to understand that the new relationships created by enterprise social networks are the source for value creation. In this first of two reports, Altimeter looks at four ways enterprise social networks create value for organizations.

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Altimeter Report: Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networks

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