Content: The New Marketing Equation

Research Report:  Content: The New Marketing Equation

Author: Rebecca Lieb

Publication Date: February 16, 2012


Content marketing requires a shift in company culture, resources, budgets, partners, and strategy. Rebalancing is critical to achieve these goals. The choice is whether to rebalance now or later — when the battle for attention may become even more difficult than it currently is. This report from Altimeter Group introduces a five-step content maturity model, complete with real-world case examples, to guide organizations from “standing” to “running” with their content strategy. A self-audit tool, content channel review, and actionable recommendations are also included.

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Content: The New Marketing Equation

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Open Research

This research report was 100% funded by Altimeter Group and published under the principle of Open Research. The report and survey data are intended for you to read, utilize, and share with others. We ask that you provide attribution to Altimeter Group.