Building a Solid Platform for Enterprise Mobility

Research Report: Building a Solid Platform for Enterprise Mobility: Introducing the Mobile Control Plane

Author: Chris Silva

Publication Date: September 19, 2012


Enterprise users have changed the landscape of enterprise mobility through their own device choice. As of late 2011, data from SAP’s Enterprise Mobility Survey was showing that 9 out of every 10 employees were carrying a smartphone, and 3 out of every 10 were carrying a tablet at the end of 20111. Smartphone proliferation has only continued to grow, while many companies are maintaining that mobile email, contacts, and calendaring are a comprehensive mobile solution. But in a world of multi-tasking smartphones and tablets with hundreds of thousands of tools in their application stores, this is no longer the case. Companies’ unwillingness or refusal to improve their visibility across device types and build a governance-backed technology stack for managing mobility will hamper users’ productivity and potentially expose the company to risk as users “backdoor” consumer solutions to fill the void between the tools they need and what’s offered.

Managing mobile devices proactively depends on more than the tools — such as mobile device management — that offer a “silver bullet” for the onslaught of mobile support requests. IT has two choices: 1) work to patch and fix by continually amending policies and myopic infrastructure or 2) establish a stance rooted in control over the devices in place today and those likely to be requested tomorrow and well into a multi-device, connected future.

Solving this problem and establishing control is an issue not only of the proper technology but key relationships across the organization, informed and enforceable policy, and a multi-part technology stack to operationalize said policy. We call this the mobile control plane, a complex but critical layer of support that serves as the foundation for enterprise mobile rollouts that’s lacking in most companies today.

Building a Solid Platform for Enterprise Mobility: Introducing the Mobile Control Plane

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