A Framework for Social Analytics

Research Report: A Framework for Social Analytics

Authors: Susan Etlinger

Publication Date: August 10, 2011


This report is intended primarily for business people who are tasked with understanding, interpreting, and acting on social data — executives, strategic planners, social strategists, and marketers. It outlines the key challenges of social data, proposes a value-based framework for social analytics, and recommends clear and pragmatic steps that companies engaged in social media must follow to ensure they are gaining insights, measuring effectively, interpreting accurately, and taking appropriate action — both today and in the longer term.

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A Framework for Social Analytics

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Open Research

This research report was 100% funded by Altimeter Group and published under the principle of Open Research. The report and survey data are intended for you to read, utilize, and share with others. We ask that you provide attribution to Altimeter Group.