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He Leaves School by Uber. Venture Cap Dad Just Wishes He’d Invested, with Brian Solis in Bloomberg

Altimeter Group

Brian Solis as quoted in Bloomberg:

Parents are particularly turning to the apps for teenagers’ transportation needs to sports events and parties, said Brian Solis, an analyst at Altimeter Group, a San Mateo, California-based firm that researches the impact of new technologies. The apps let parents monitor where their children are during rides, something taxis and other modes of transport still don’t offer.

“Having an Uber account is a growing trend, especially among high schoolers, reflective of the trust-based sharing economy,” said Solis, who also pays for an Uber account for his 17-year-old son...

Uber is helping to foster usage by families, paving the way for growth with a new generation. In May, the company rolled out a service called UberFamily in New York City, which gives parents the option to request a car equipped with a child seat. The service was broadened to Philadelphia and Washington D.C. in July...

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