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[WEBINAR REPLAY] The Data-Driven Business: How Industry leaders Use Data To Create Value

Susan Etlinger

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure to present a webinar on my new report, “The Data-Driven Business: How Industry Leaders Use Data to Create Value”, which looks at how data is evolving from a by-product of business to its lifeblood. Across industries, from sole proprietorships to multi-billion-dollar companies, data is informing and driving businesses and, increasingly, becoming not only the enabler of products and services, but central to the product or service itself.

TheDataDrivenBusinessCOverImageFInalI spoke with leaders from technology, business, agency and others who are steeped in data to find out how organizations are extracting value from data—not just theoretically, but in reality. Sam Boonin from Zendesk provided insight into how data not only drives development there, but how it’s used to improve customer experience and offer new products. Katonah Rafter of Fame House talked about the need to create authentic digital experiences that appeal to specific fan segments—a strategy that is as relevant to a CPG brand or a retailer as it is for Ice Cube, a Fame House client. I also spoke with Shawn Rogers of Dell, who talked about how the University of Iowa is using data to reduce incidences of sepsis in surgical patients. 

And, in the spirit of full disclosure, I also ranted a bit about a certain nameless home furnishings company that makes lovely products but really needs to connect its transactional  and email marketing data.

The webinar and associated report lays out the key use cases for data-driven value creation, outlines the most pressing issues and opportunities, and presents emerging best practices that show how data strategy can transform organizations.

I’m grateful to the many industry experts who gave their time and insights for this research. I hope you enjoy listening, and as always I’m happy to answer any questions. Here’s a link to the replay.