Latest Research: Make An App For That, Mobile Strategies For Retail


2011 was the year of the mobile shopper, so why aren't retailers doing more to serve them? Today Altimeter Research has published its latest report, Make An App For That: Mobile Strategies For Retail. The report, published today, reveals how major brands are capitalizing on the massive growth in shoppers' use of mobile technology.  It also explores the perils many major retailers have encountered in their quest to tap this market. Are retailers doing enough to serve their mobile … [Read more...]

Webinar Recording: The Social Supply Chain

Is the supply chain ready to be social?  And, if so, how do companies begin the journey?  What steps do they take?  Watch this lively discussion as Lora Cecere, Altimeter Group engages in dialogue on the topic with Lisa Shambro, Executive Director of the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS) which is focused on the development of best practice standards in the extended CPG supply chain between contract manufacturers, secondary packagers and brand owners. The Social Supply Chain Webinar with … [Read more...]

Webinar Recording: Rise of Social Commerce (with Slides and Report)

Last quarter, Altimeter hosted a conference on The Rise of Social Commerce, in which we release a research report based on interviewing dozens of companies who are integrating ecommerce with social media. This post has three embedded components: 1) The recorded webcast from a few weeks back that contains many of the examples of how companies are integrating --as well as how they have to change their internal structure. 2) The associated slides, which you can download from Slideshare, 3) The … [Read more...]

Social Strategy 3/3 Webinar Recording and Slides: Getting Your Company Ready

We finally completed our final third webinar in our social strategy trilogy. It's been great sharing our insights and widely releasing it to the community, and I hope you enjoy this final segment. The topic? Getting your company ready internally through research, processes, organizational models, policies, resources, and more. Social strategy getting_company_ready_apr14_finalView more presentations from Jeremiah Owyang. Above: Download the slides from slideshare and use as you see fit. The … [Read more...]