What We Heard At #AGMobileUp

Thanks to all those who helped us make our #AGMobileUP Tweetup a success last night in Boston. We had a great and varied group of attendees hailing from agencies, mobile startups and the VC community as well. We all had great conversations and great food (don't believe me? See Joselin Mane of BostonTWeetUp's amazing writeup) and a few themes stuck out to me: On Mobile Social/Mobile Is Cool, But It Scares Us A Bit: Gathered around someone's iPhone, as one does at a mobile tweetup, we all … [Read more...]

Webinar Replay – Content: The New Marketing Equation

If you missed Jeremiah and I presenting our webinar Content: Thee New Marketing Equation based on our recently published research report, you can watch it here or on SlideShare. Please watch and share the video, as it's freely available as open research. How to Rebalance for Content as Part of the New Marketing Equation with Rebecca Lieb and Jeremiah Owyang View more videos from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare For those of you who were waiting for this post (several of you were kind … [Read more...]

There’s A Webinar For That, Replay Information


Have you read my report, "Make An App For That, Mobile Strategies For Retailers" yet? If so, and you didn't have a chance to tune into today's webinar, I want to share the content with you to use, share and discuss. My slides from the webinar are below, outlining the findings of the research, discussing how retailers must: Determine the path they want their mobile strategy to take: What's the current maturity of mobility inside the org today, what's the desired impact of mobile on the brand … [Read more...]

Future of Media: Altimeter Group Pilot Event

Advertising: is it dying? In an ecosystem where rolling your own media has never been easier or cheaper, why would advertisers buy media from publishers to spread their messages? What's the new model: advertorial; advertent (as one attendee dubbed it); content marketing? And hey, aren't ads content, too? Last week, a group of advertisers and marketers from all sides of the equation (tech, buy-side, media and agency) got together at the Hangar to discuss these and other very topical issues … [Read more...]


I was tipped off by IDG report Juan Carlos Perez that Major League Baseball had pulled their MLB.TV blog earlier today, after opening day problems for the paid service that broadcasts games in real time. (The service starts at $14.95/month or $79.95/year). You can read the story by Perez at Computerworld. As Perez wrote, the MLB.TV blog had been active for months, with hundreds of comments from MLB.TV subscribers. But now all that remains is a single terse entry. Gone are the posts chronicling … [Read more...]