Research Report: Be Prepared by Climbing the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs

By Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst, Customer Strategy What's a crises? We did analysis on the list of social media crises aka "punkings" to find out what went wrong, why, and what should have been done. First, a workable definition: A social media crisis is a crisis issue that arises in or is amplified by social media, and results in negative mainstream media coverage, a change in business process, or financial loss. To refine further, while crises may happen on a daily basis we … [Read more...]

Research Report: A Framework for Social Analytics

Wherever I go, the question I hear most often is this: "What is the ROI of social media?" Even though most companies we've surveyed have a brand monitoring solution in place, few have yet to crack the measurement code. It remains one of the most stubborn challenges for the social business. During the past several months, I've spoken with nearly forty industry experts, including brands, agencies and vendors, to learn about their approaches to monitoring and measuring social media. It is a … [Read more...]

Department of Defense 2011 Worldwide Human Resources Conference (Brian Solis)

Brian Solis, Principal … [Read more...]

Slides: Developing a Learning Strategy for Mobile and Social (Keynote)

By Jeremiah Owyang How should a modern organization factor in mobile devices and social technologies into their learning programs? That's the exact question the Altimeter Group was posed with to answer for the mLearnCon 2011 conference today in San Jose. In fact, we found that there's six distinct disruptions that need to be harnessed which we call the: Framework: The Mobile & Social Learning Honeycomb These six 'cells' so to speak have 6 opportunities to take advantage of, they … [Read more...]

Leadership Lessons Webinar with Charlene Li and Ken Blanchard

Charlene Li sat down with Ken Blanchard, the author of The One Minute Manager, on the morning of June 21st, 2011 to discuss how leadership is being affected by social media.  Informed by over three decades of experience, Ken's insights into how the paradigms of leadership have shifted are both insightful and inspiring.  Ken reminds leaders "It's not about you.  It's about the people you're serving" and Charlene agrees, "Social media isn't about the fancy new technology, it's about the ability to … [Read more...]

Leadership Lessons: The Power of Relationships in the Facebook Era, with Ken Blanchard (Charlene Li)

Charlene Li, Partner … [Read more...]

Altimeter’s Pilot Series: A Community Discussion the Mainstreaming Of Social Media

By Charlene Li Last week we kicked off our Pilot Series (see all pics), with the goal of giving the people who drive strategies around disruptive technologies (the "pilots") have a time and place where they can come together to connect, learn, and rejuvenate. Our first event featured the latest addition to the Altimeter team, Brian Solis, who discussed the changes he's seen happen in just the past year -- and it's reflected in the paperback release of his book, "Engage". Brian took the … [Read more...]

Zipcast: Beyond Social, Disruptive Technologies Altimeter is Watching

by Jeremiah Owyang There's more to disruptive technologies than social to watch. In fact, we're exploring a variety of new disruptive technologies, to see how they impact business, culture, and customer relationships. Slideshare has released 'Zipcast' a no-download video+slides technology that allows anyone to give a 'keynote' speech to an online audience in real time. Due to travel schedule, I was unable to produce my own, but Altimeter's Charlene Li presented her viewpoints on disruptive … [Read more...]

Report: How Corporations Should Prioritize Social Business Budgets

One question I frequently get is "How much should I be spending on social media?" The answer, of course, is it depends. This report looks at how 140 Social Strategists spent on social media in 2010 -- and their plans for 2011 (read report). From this deep data, my co-author, Jeremiah Owyang, and I, found that maturity levels are a key driver of social technology adoption, and hence, social spending. (Jeremiah also wrote a detailed post about the report). I *love* data, so this was a particular … [Read more...]

Altimeter Report: The Two Career Paths of the Corporate Social Strategist. Be Proactive or Become ‘Social Media Help Desk’

The full 27-page report is embedded below, if you can't see it, please click directly to this blog post to access it. This Social Media Decision Maker Must Choose One of Two Career Paths. This emerging role is critical to the success of social media programs yet, most Social Strategists and their programs lack maturity, with only 23% of Social Strategists having a formalized program with long-term direction.  They are overwhelmed with six major challenges – with little relief in sight: … [Read more...]