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Coming Up: Social Media Strategies Summit San Francisco

Ed Terpening

I will be speaking at the Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco September 27-29. The conference includes two parallel tracks; one focused on “Content Creation, Marketing & Monitoring” and the other “Driving Social Media & Content Marketing ROI”—both important topics that are top-of-mind among social media strategists.

My talk will focus on Employee Advocacy: the use of employees to promote the brand in social media. According to our latest research, programs like these are growing rapidly, with close to 90% of brands telling us they either have an advocacy program or are planning one. Many of these programs started out as small ambassador programs, usually comprised of a small group of individuals certified to represent the brand. Today’s advocacy is about scale—reaching every employee as a potential advocate, making his or her posts about work as natural as possible to move the needle on brand health.

My talk will cover:

  • How to connect the triumvirate of roles that make employee advocacy work:
    • Brands (what do they measure and achieve?)
    • Consumers (how do they respond to employee posts about work?)
    • Employees (what motivates them to share?)
  • How the response rates to employee advocacy posts compare to traditional social ads, and how this practice is creating effective native advertising in social
  • Key regional differences (Europe vs. North America) in culture that effect impact
  • And most important, a practical step-by-step plan for creating your own program

If you make it to my talk (Thursday, 9/29 at 11:45), please say hello—and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may also run into me at these sessions, which top my list:

  • The social sales side of employee advocacy will be presented in a workshop the day before regular sessions by Julio Viskovich, from rFactr. His workshop will cover how to get leadership approval, the role of content, how to drive adoption, measuring success, and case studies.
  • Given the increasing costs of managing social programs (how many social pages has your brand created and left to languish?) and the expansion of our content ecosystems that span platforms, Andrew Spoeth’s talk “Driving Social Media & Content Marketing ROI”, should be interesting. He’ll cover both the tools/KPIs, but perhaps more important, the organizational dynamics of social ROI, such as understanding the POV of various stakeholders, how to talk to your CMO about metrics, etc.
  • All too often, I talk to brands that have voluminous social data that goes unanalyzed and acted upon. That’s why I’m looking forward to Chris Barrows’ talk, “You Have The Data - Now What? Applying Insights To Improve And Iterate On Your Social Media Strategy”, as well as Jessica Williams’ take on how Visa uses social data for audience insights.
  • Bernie Borges (of Find and Convert) will talk about how social crosses silos and what you need to do to engage beyond the marketing department in social—an important topic today as more brands focus on customer experiences that span digital channels and internal silos.
  • All too often, true engagement with branded social media content falls short. What’s often missing is appropriate response to consumers in social. Zipcar‘s Carrie Allen will talk about how social media is a platform for both online and offline engagement with their customers.

Lastly, one of the most important benefits of conferences like these is the opportunity to connect with peers and share war stories and successes. This conference provides lots of opportunities to network, so take advantage of it! Hope to see you there.