Jerry Yang’s departure signals a New Day for Yahoo!, the passing of an era for Tech

My first reaction to the news that Jerry Yang is leaving Yahoo! was that this was the passing of an era. I first met Jerry in 1994 when he was still a PhD student at Stanford, before he and David Filo left to run Yahoo! full time. Through bubbles and two economic downturns, Jerry has always been omnipresent in Silicon Valley. But all good things come to pass. With the arrival of Scott Thompson as the new CEO of Yahoo!, it makes sense that Scott be given a clean slate upon which to write the … [Read more...]

Revealing Google’s Stealth Social Network Play

This post was collaboratively written on a wiki by Charlene Li, who maintains a focus on Leadership Strategy and Jeremiah Owyang, who maintains a focus on Customer Strategy. Together, we’re covering the convergence of emerging technology at the Altimeter Group. Google has quietly been launching a social network right under our own chins.  No, it's not about Google extending Orkut, a social networking platform they developed a few years ago, or growing Google groups, or even launching their own … [Read more...]

In Google I trust

I've been a long time Web-based email user in my personal life and made the switch to using Gmail a few years ago. Slowly but surely, much of my life has migrated to "the cloud" and specifically to Google's services. I switched my calendar early on from paper to the Web, and when Google Calendar launched with the ability to manage multiple calendars, I was in heaven. Add in tools like Google Docs where I practically run my personal life and Google Reader for my RSS feeds, and a … [Read more...]