Content Marketing: What’s the Impact on the Advertising Ecosytem?

Content Marketing by Rebecca Lieb

It's always a strangely climactic and at the same time anticlimactic moment when a book you write finally publishes. After months of writing, editing and corrections, you wait. And wait. One night, you return home to find a box on the doorstep. Suddenly, you're savoring that long-anticipated moment of holding the book in your hands. That how it transpired with my first book, and the moment was repeated yesterday when Content Marketing appeared at the door. It felt  a bit like an ending, but … [Read more...]

Election day thoughts on race and gender

On the date of this historic election, I am reminded in a very personal way how far we have come as a country and as a society. Recently, I was copying my Michigan birth certificate (more on why below) when I noticed some of the boxes on the form. I was born in 1966 and my parents had to fill out the field "Color or Race". And while my father had an "Occupation" box to fill out, my mother didn't have that. This is a stark reminder that we are barely a generation into being a "post-racial" and … [Read more...]