New Workshops Take Flight!

Ed facilitating an Academy workshop

I've taught more than 300 professionals Social Business through hands-on workshops, and happy to announce new workshops from Altimeter Academy focused on Content Marketing and Social Business Analytics. Having been both a change agent in organizations and now an advisor for those facing change, I know how important skill development is to thrive in times of disruption.  Our ability to succeed is not based on our own skills alone, but perhaps most important, through the knowledge of key … [Read more...]

The Phone Doesn’t Matter In #FacebookPhone

  This post was also cross-posted at my blog We all gathered amidst the rain and clouds at Facebook HQ, 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA to see what would be unveiled. A new flagship Android phone, tailored toward Facebook users? A new branch of the Android OS? A groundbreaking partnership? Turns out it’s an application – a launcher to bring Facebook to the top of the Android OS on the devices it will run on and, in addition, some purpose-built hardware that will … [Read more...]

Monolithic Mobile, Will You Buy In?

This post originally appeared on analyst Chris Silva's blog My colleague Brian's blog is abuzz with comments about mobile strategy, so key to success he urges readers to "[f]orget about social media," at least for a moment. Brian's comparison of social to mobile is apt, both began as fragmented, bootstrapped efforts, then social got the attention of the CMO. Now, it's mobile's turn; it's unfortunately common to come across companies with solid customer mobile initiatives … [Read more...]

Samsung, Apple, Innovation And Fishwrap

This post first appeared on Chris Silva's blog Make Mobile Work. In the wake of the Samsung/Apple trial verdict the news is crawling with hyperbole about how disruptive the verdict will be to the mobile OS ecosystem, specifically Android’s momentum. Nothing new in the world of tech reporting, of course. In reality, life is long and the sea changes predicted rarely amount to more than surface ripples. Will Android and its ecosystem be affected by the recent pro-Apple verdict in its battle … [Read more...]

Google Says, “It’s Our Turn” In Mobile

This is a repost from Chris Silva's blog Make Mobile Work. I spent yesterday morning at the Google I/O developer conference and, aside from peopleliterally skydiving into the event – the news was largely tech-related and heavily mobile. Google made announcements of its new Nexus Tablet, the JellyBean aka Android 4.1 OS and home media sharing features of its new Nexus Q device. Here is what stands out: Android grows up – It was no accident that the Android portion of the keynote opened … [Read more...]

Facebook S-1 Paints A Murky Picture For Mobile

Amidst the scramble for numbers in EDGAR lookups in the wake of Facebook's S-1 filing, I think we're learning something fundamental about Facebook's strategy from its submitted documentation; mobile is a potential Achilles heel. Reviewing the S-1, while chock-full of interesting facts and figures, it was this statement that raised questions for me: "Growth in use of Facebook through our mobile products, where we do not currently display ads, as a substitute for use on personal computers may … [Read more...]

Facebook’s IPO: What Does It Mean For…?

Jaimy Szymanski, Zak Kirchner

Over 800 million active users - more than half of whom log in on any given day and interact with over 900 million "objects" (pages, groups, communities, etc.). Over 250 million photos uploaded every day, over 70 languages on the site. The stats go on and on, and anyway you look at them, the numbers are huge. How can Facebook grow bigger still? That's what we're waiting so see as the tech world - heck, the world at large - holds it breath for the biggest IPO since Google went public in … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: What’s the Impact on the Advertising Ecosytem?

Content Marketing by Rebecca Lieb

It's always a strangely climactic and at the same time anticlimactic moment when a book you write finally publishes. After months of writing, editing and corrections, you wait. And wait. One night, you return home to find a box on the doorstep. Suddenly, you're savoring that long-anticipated moment of holding the book in your hands. That how it transpired with my first book, and the moment was repeated yesterday when Content Marketing appeared at the door. It felt  a bit like an ending, but … [Read more...]

Occupy Wall Street: Disruption & Leaderless Leadership

Part of what's fascinating about working at the Altimeter Group are the back channel conversations we have internally about the meaning and impact of disruptive events (not just technologies). A burning topic of late has been the Occupy Wall Street movement and its many Occupy offshoots throughout the country. Last weekend, in the spirit of inquiry and research, we ventured to the demonstrations in our respective cities. We're interested in issues of leadership, and in how institutions such … [Read more...]

Google Buys Motorola, Changes The Game

by Chris Silva The news outlets have been abuzz today with the news that Google is acquiring Motorola's handset business for $12.5Billion. The question on everyone's mind is what this move between two major players in the space means for the future of mobile as we know it. I've got some opinions and I'm interested in yours, too. Here's how I see this playing out - a  detailed outline of the first item is available on my blog: This is an ecosystem play: Taking on a hardware company, Google … [Read more...]