What’s Facebook Going to Do with All That Money?

Facebook Money

Many of us grew up with Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. For the past few years the refrain has been Google, Google, Google. But this past week, it’s been all Facebook, all the time. As we wait for the biggest IPO in tech history to shake out, the question I’m being asked most by clients and particularly the mainstream media is, by far, “what’s Facebook going to do with all that money?” Clearly, no one's in possession of a crystal ball, but some reasonable conjectures can be drawn. 1). Mobile … [Read more...]

Facebook S-1 Paints A Murky Picture For Mobile

Amidst the scramble for numbers in EDGAR lookups in the wake of Facebook's S-1 filing, I think we're learning something fundamental about Facebook's strategy from its submitted documentation; mobile is a potential Achilles heel. Reviewing the S-1, while chock-full of interesting facts and figures, it was this statement that raised questions for me: "Growth in use of Facebook through our mobile products, where we do not currently display ads, as a substitute for use on personal computers may … [Read more...]

Can Apple Lose The Mobile Innovation Game?

The big story this week is the record number of iPhones, iPads, iPods that Apple sold in Q4, 2011. Great news for Apple and it's shareholders - their stock got a 7% bump on the news - but, with stellar growth in the number of users of the iPhone, what's the achilles heel that slows their march on the market? I think it's innovation. It's something I've been doing a bit of thinking about on my own blog, and here's my case, I'm interested in your reasons for agreement or disagreement. "Apple … [Read more...]

Future of Media: Altimeter Group Pilot Event

Advertising: is it dying? In an ecosystem where rolling your own media has never been easier or cheaper, why would advertisers buy media from publishers to spread their messages? What's the new model: advertorial; advertent (as one attendee dubbed it); content marketing? And hey, aren't ads content, too? Last week, a group of advertisers and marketers from all sides of the equation (tech, buy-side, media and agency) got together at the Hangar to discuss these and other very topical issues … [Read more...]

Google Buys Motorola, Changes The Game

by Chris Silva The news outlets have been abuzz today with the news that Google is acquiring Motorola's handset business for $12.5Billion. The question on everyone's mind is what this move between two major players in the space means for the future of mobile as we know it. I've got some opinions and I'm interested in yours, too. Here's how I see this playing out - a  detailed outline of the first item is available on my blog: This is an ecosystem play: Taking on a hardware company, Google … [Read more...]

How Mobile Transforms Business: Enrich, Engage Entrust

by Chris Silva As the new analyst at Altimeter, it's imperative for me to get up and running fast with some research. As an long-time analyst I've learned that it's best to let your audience help you refine your topics. On August 10, 2011, at the Altimeter Hangar, I got an early chance to do just that. My research focuses on mobile. Internal mobile efforts for business manager and IT and also external mobile initiatives to drive brand awareness and transactions for a company. Looking at how … [Read more...]

Altimeter Is Hiring Analysts for Mobile, Business Intelligence, and Digital Advertising/Media

We’re excited to announce that we are looking for people to fill analyst roles in three areas: Mobile, Business Intelligence, and Digital Advertising & Media. Why these areas? Altimeter is focused on creating strategies for companies around disruptive technologies – not just social media. We hear from clients over and over again that they need deeper strategies in these three areas, hence our focus. I’ve included more details about each area below. We take special pride in our boutique, … [Read more...]