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Leverage Social Identity to Build Better Customer Relationships [Infographic]

Andrew Jones


The infographic below illustrates the modern marketing cycle and how customers can use Social Identity to know and engage customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Marketers are struggling with a customer journey that has become more complex than ever. The journey is difficult to track across channels and devices. It offers increasing insight as consumers create more data throughout it—but finding and using the right data is not easy.

Meanwhile, consumers increasingly expect consistent and personalized messages and experiences. In order to meet those expectations, modern marketers need to know their audience as well as possible. How do they gain the insight they need?

Social Identity provides insight unavailable in any other channel. Rather than relying on transaction history or browsing habits, marketers have an opportunity to tap social media to truly understand who customers are and what they care about. Savvy marketers are beginning to extract these insights and use them to increase key metrics like Open-rates and Click-throughs by orders of magnitude throughout the customer lifecycle, from leads to loyalty.

Download the full report for more information: Leveraging Social Identity: Know and Engage Customers Better to Build More Valuable Relationships