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Obama’s Internet Rules Could Boost $1.3 Trillion Connected Web, with Rebecca Lieb in Bloomberg

Altimeter Group

Rebecca Lieb as quoted in Bloomberg:

Barack Obama’s proposal for an open Internet would be a victory for Netflix Inc. and its binge-watching users and may be a bigger boon for a generation of startups working on tools to connect cars, thermostats and even offshore oil rigs to the Web...

Under Obama’s proposal, Internet providers wouldn’t be able to give superior service to content providers willing to pay for it. Netflix, Inc. or Google’s YouTube would be on equal footing in terms of how quickly and seamlessly their customers could download and stream, and startups without deep pockets could introduce new technologies with the same Internet access as richer competitors.

“It has tremendous implications,” said Rebecca Lieb, an analyst at Atimeter Group. “When a company is placed in the slow lane or the fast lane -- depending on whether they’re paying to play or not with the telcos -- this is going to impact the user experience.”...

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