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LinkedIn’s $1.5 billion purchase of could change the game for job training, with Charlene Li in TechRepublic

Altimeter Group

Charlene Li as quoted in TechRepublic:

LinkedIn is more than just a place to post a resume. It's a key destination for recruiters, job seekers, networkers, and even business publishers. And thanks to its recent acquisition of, it could also incorporate things like job certifications and training into its pro-sumer offerings.

On Thursday, April 9, LinkedIn announced it will aqcuire for $1.5 billion (52% cash and 48% stock)., which was founded in 1995, is a subscription service which offers online training videos on a range of subjects from photography, to education, to developer training...

"I think it's a huge stamp of approval from LinkedIn that LinkedIn has basically endorsed Lynda as the 'best' general business skills training," said Altimeter Group founder and principal analyst Charlene Li...

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