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What professionals should know about Twitter group direct messages, with Charlene Li in TechRepublic

Altimeter Group

Charlene Li as quoted in TechRepublic:

Earlier this month, Twitter announced the addition of a feature that allows users to send group direct messages to up to 20 people. The followers you add don't need to be following each other to be in on the conversation. Within a group direct message (DM) users can share text, tweets, pics, and emojis, but there isn't a video sharing capability just yet...

Aside from keeping people on Twitter, Altimeter founder Charlene Li sees one of the main benefits being pulling people back into Twitter.

So, instead of just going to Twitter when you remember or when you feel like it, notifications could serve to keep users coming back into the ongoing group conversations they're having.

And that's another point Li brought up -- these conversations don't go away.

"I can continue the dialog in the conversation with this very special, unique group," she said...

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