Facebook’s IPO: What Does It Mean For…?

Jaimy Szymanski, Zak Kirchner

Over 800 million active users - more than half of whom log in on any given day and interact with over 900 million "objects" (pages, groups, communities, etc.). Over 250 million photos uploaded every day, over 70 languages on the site. The stats go on and on, and anyway you look at them, the numbers are huge. How can Facebook grow bigger still? That's what we're waiting so see as the tech world - heck, the world at large - holds it breath for the biggest IPO since Google went public in … [Read more...]

Altimeter’s Google+ Coverage

The Altimeter research team has provided a few viewpoints on Google+, after having experimented with the tool as one of the early testers. Here's a few of our varied perspectives, from our blogs. Google+ leverages Google’s strength as a communications platform, by Charlene Li, Analyst To summarizes a few quotes she writes: "It will be a no-brainer for Gmail to start using Google+, a much harder sell for non-Gmail users. The result will be unified sharing, as opposed to unified messaging, on … [Read more...]