Wildfire is dead. Long live Wildfire?

When Google bought Wildfire for $350M, it took many by surprise. What did Google want with a Social Relationship Management company? Google is in the ad business, not the SRM business. Last year Google announced it was integrating Wildfire’s technology into DoubleClick, and Wildfire dropped off the radar as a social business tool since then. So yesterday’s announcement that Wildfire Social Marketing Suite was being sunsetted was not a shock. Why the acquisition in the first place? Social … [Read more...]

Google better organizes our world –and sells us back the experience

This post originally appeared on my Altimeter analyst Jeremiah Owyang's Web Strategy Blog By Chris Silva and Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analysts at Altimeter Group  Last year’s over hyped skydiving was replaced by down to earth by grounded product enhancements.  We’re live from the Google IO conference in SF with 6,000 developers, press, and media in San Francisco’s Moscone event center. We noticed a lot of Glass Explorer units (which surprisingly was barely mentioned in the keynote) we’ve … [Read more...]

Samsung, Apple, Innovation And Fishwrap

This post first appeared on Chris Silva's blog Make Mobile Work. In the wake of the Samsung/Apple trial verdict the news is crawling with hyperbole about how disruptive the verdict will be to the mobile OS ecosystem, specifically Android’s momentum. Nothing new in the world of tech reporting, of course. In reality, life is long and the sea changes predicted rarely amount to more than surface ripples. Will Android and its ecosystem be affected by the recent pro-Apple verdict in its battle … [Read more...]

Google+ The New Enterprise Social Network?

by Charlene Li and Chris Silva Google announced Google+ for Enterprises today with Hangouts integration into Docs and Calendar as well as administrative controls such as default posting to only within the company. We've been doing some research on the topic of enterprise social networks and, with Google moving into this market, have some thoughts around why this is a bigger deal than just another Google feature announcement. Google has a few things going for it that the pure plays like … [Read more...]

Google Says, “It’s Our Turn” In Mobile

This is a repost from Chris Silva's blog Make Mobile Work. I spent yesterday morning at the Google I/O developer conference and, aside from peopleliterally skydiving into the event – the news was largely tech-related and heavily mobile. Google made announcements of its new Nexus Tablet, the JellyBean aka Android 4.1 OS and home media sharing features of its new Nexus Q device. Here is what stands out: Android grows up – It was no accident that the Android portion of the keynote opened … [Read more...]

Beyond the IPO: Ten Implications of a Public Facebook

By Susan Etlinger, Charlene Li and Rebecca Lieb The run-up to Facebook's IPO reminds me a bit of a wedding: everyone's attention is on the big day (expected to be Friday May 18), without much regard for the weeks, months and years afterward. Charlene Li, Rebecca Lieb, and I sat down to discuss some of the implications of a newly public Facebook: on shareholders, business and Facebook itself. -- SE Whether or not Facebook's IPO ends up being one of the world's largest (this Washington Post … [Read more...]

Google Addresses Revenue Impact of Social Media with New Social Reports


Even though the topic of social media ROI may sometimes seem like an endless game of Whack-a-Mole [see previous post], there's plenty of evidence to suggest we're inching ever closer to accountability. Today's announcement from the Google Social Analytics team aims to address some of the most pressing questions that marketers face when trying to understand the revenue impact of social media: How does traffic from social sites lead to conversion? What can we conclude about the impact of … [Read more...]

What’s Facebook Going to Do with All That Money?

Facebook Money

Many of us grew up with Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. For the past few years the refrain has been Google, Google, Google. But this past week, it’s been all Facebook, all the time. As we wait for the biggest IPO in tech history to shake out, the question I’m being asked most by clients and particularly the mainstream media is, by far, “what’s Facebook going to do with all that money?” Clearly, no one's in possession of a crystal ball, but some reasonable conjectures can be drawn. 1). Mobile … [Read more...]

Google’s New Privacy Policy Critical to Competition with Facebook

Google has a new, 360-degree privacy policy. Take that, Facebook. The consolidation of data that creates a unified customer profile across very nearly all of Google's products and services creates a view of the customer that's very, very Facebook in nature. Funny that with all the attention directed to the Facebook IPO lately, so few commentators have made this observation. It's a good idea that has, understandably, creeped users out. The reality and the perception of privacy are miles … [Read more...]

Twitter and censorship

By Alan Webber, Principal Analyst Almost 49 years ago, President John F. Kennedy stood at a podium in the divided city of Berlin where he proudly proclaimed that the wall that divided the city was an affront to basic human freedoms, that it was a symbol of the failure of communism and its ability to effective govern nations. Twenty-four years later, President Ronald Reagan stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate to encourage Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down the wall" that divided … [Read more...]