Best video that describes the state of social media marketing

I showed this video at my speech in Tempe last week and I got several requests for the link. This is one of my favorite videos that shows the disconnect that advertisers have with their customers. It really captures how advertisers see the world -- and how consumers are asking for a "divorce". One of the things I encourage marketers to think about is what kind of relationship they want to have with their customers -- and to consider what they have today. Is it transactional, … [Read more...]

Video from Sitewire speech now available

I just returned from my first speech as an independent thought leader. It was part of the Sitewire Expert Series and took place in Tempe, AZ, which has a burgeoning social and emerging technology scene -- over 200 people attended my speech. In fact, it was a bit of a social media week with concurrent meetings with the Social Media Club of Phoenix. The speech covers some of the ideas in Groundswell, but I've been working on improving the frameworks discussed in the book, some of which (like the … [Read more...]

Meetup/Speech in Tempe, AZ Sept. 17-18th

I'm going to be in Tempe, Arizona for a speech that's part of Sitewire's Expert Series on Thursday, Sept. 18th. Tickets are still available for that event at The evening before, I'm having an informal meetup at the Border Store in Tempe from 5-6pm, at 699 South Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ. We'll be in the cafe area and there will be a few Groundswell books available for sale. Or pick one up from your local bookstore or Amazon/ and bring it. And if you're … [Read more...]

Professional networking tips and panel on 9/15

Just a quick note that I'm running an informal career networking panel this coming Tuesday at the Peninsula Temple Shalom in Burlingame, CA. The topic is "Networking for Success: Tips from the Pros" and it's free. More details are below. But the reason why I'm sharing this on the blog is to provide some of my professional networking tips, and also to get your feedback, especially on how technology helps you do this. So here are my responses to the questions I'll be asking the panel … [Read more...]

With, kids get financially smart

TechCrunch50 started with a winner from, developed by and launching on September 10th. The service provides financial services for kids, teens, and young adults. As a parent of tweens, I'm definitely interested in this service as I'm keen to raise financially responsible kids. Some nice features include being able to classify spending for tweens as "wants" versus "needs" so that they can look back on their decisions and think if they had made good choices. The presentation … [Read more...]

Blah Blah Girls – Going on my ban list

I'm at TechCrunch50 and will be writing up my thoughts on presenting companies, as well as other companies that are here. First on the list is Blah Girls, a start-up by celebrity Ashton Kutcher. As you've guessed from my post title, I was less than thrilled by the 8+ minute presentation. In fact, I was aghast at the opening video that had tongue-in-cheek racial references ("token black friend") that was meant to be snarky but caused my jaw to drop. But I wanted to give Blah Girls the benefit of … [Read more...]

Vote for my SXSW panels

I need your help - I'm hoping to be invited to speak at the SXSW Interactive Festival next March in Austin and part of the process is asking the audience what they want to hear. I've submitted two proposals and am a part of several others -- I've listed them all below. Please take a few minutes and visit the SXSW Panel Picker to vote by August 29th-- and especially helpful, include your comments on the topics. My Submissions The Future Of Social Networks: Social networks will be like air, in … [Read more...]

Gnomedex Day 1 Reflections

I'm attending my first Gnomedex on the recommendation of friends like Josh Hallett, and I'm having a blast. Gnomedex is run by uber-geek Chris Pirillo and his extensive network of family and friends. And that is what makes Gnomedex so different from other conferences -- it's personal. I never met Chris before and he came right up to me and introduced himself at the first break. The sessions themselves have been variable, but for the most part, gratifying (I've included links to the individual … [Read more...]