Gilbane Conference

Jeremiah Owyang, Speaker … [Read more...]

Social CRM Marketing Use Cases

R "Ray" Wang and Jeremiah Owyang, Hosts … [Read more...]

Social Strategy Webinar Slides Now Available

Jeremiah Owyang and I held a webinar entitled "Developing A Social Strategy" that had over 495 participants asking very insightful questions -- we had a great time sharing the information and got new ideas on how to develop our thinking as well. Many people who wanted to attend the webinar weren't able to because of schedule conflicts. We also received quite a few requests from people for the slides or recording so that they can forward it to colleagues and friends who would benefit from the … [Read more...]

“Socialgraphics” webinar slides and recording now available

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar we held today on "Understanding Your Customers' Social Behaviors". Many people wanted to attend the webinar but weren't able to because of schedule conflicts. So we're making the slides and a video recording (slides and audio) available here. You can also download from (for slides) and (for the recording). Also, there was a vibrant conversation taking place on sites like Twitter, using the hashtag #socialgraphics (for search of … [Read more...]

Altimeter Welcomes New Partners

It's with great excitement that I'm announcing the addition of three new partners to Altimeter Group. Joining me will be Deb Schultz, Ray Wang, and Jeremiah Owyang (read their thoughts) -- three bright minds, true professionals, and most important of all, great people. (Read the press release.) Our Mission - Providing A Strategic Approach to Emerging Technologies Together, we are taking on the mission of helping clients understand and adapt emerging technologies into their strategies in a … [Read more...]

Why Social Media Marketing Fails – Notes From Web 2.0 Expo panel

I had the honor and pleasure of being on a panel with my two former Forrester colleagues, Peter Kim (now at Dachis Corporation) and Jeremiah Owyang (still at Forrester). Our topic: "Why Social Media Marketing Fails -- and What To Do About It". Peter organized the panel to discuss four topics: How can I get my culture to adapt? How can I make my campaigns work? What am I supposed to measure? Does social media even matter? I've included an audio podcast of the … [Read more...]

Future Of Social Networks presentation from SXSW

I had the honor of presenting at the SXSW conference last Saturday, on the topic "The Future Of Social Networks". I've embedded the slides below, and you can also access them on SlideShare. Below the slides I've included a quick synopsis, including examples of what the future will look like. I'd also like to get your ideas of what you think the experience will be like if/when your identity, contacts, and social activities are ubiquitous. Update: Some additional resources include a Twitter feed … [Read more...]

Presentation at SXSW – Future of Social Networks

I'm going to be speaking later today at SXSW and am setting up the backchannels. Embedded below is the Meebo chat room, but you can also track the action via Twitter using the hashtag #sxswfsn (to do this, go to and search on "#sxswfsn) I'll be posting the slides soon after the presentation. … [Read more...]

Where I’ll be speaking in January & February

I'm going to be speaking at several events over the next few weeks on a variety of topics that you may find interesting. When appropriate, I post the slides on SlideShare and also link to any relevant videos of the speech. You can also see a complete calendar of events where I'll be speaking. I'm excited to share these ideas and research over the next few weeks and would love to know if you have anything specific that you'd like me to explore in these areas. Hope to catch up with some of you at … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Forum keynote slides now available

This morning I gave the kickoff keynote at the Social Media Marketing Summit, speaking on the subject, "Social Media For Business". The audience was squarely focused on marketing, so I grounded the speech on the need to develop relationships with your audience. All too often, marketing is campaign focused and driven, leaving customers with a dry (sometimes bad) taste in their mouths. Marketing in general, not just social media marketing, needs to be focused on growing a long term … [Read more...]