Pilot Series at Altimeter: Social Analytics and Strategy

By Jon Cifuentes, Researcher On Wednesday, July 27, Altimeter Group hosted a ‘Pilot Series’ event featuring moderating analysts, Lora Cecere and Susan Etlinger.  The topic at hand was Social Analytics - and more specifically, what businesses must do to prepare for this evolution in social contextual data’s increased volume and sophistication. Here are some key takeaways from the discussion and Q&A - further clarifying the need for businesses to prepare a strategy for the onslaught of … [Read more...]

Pioneers on the Move: Rise of Social Commerce

Download our paper and presentation below, and register for a webinar with me and partner Jeremiah Owyang on Wednesday, December 1 at 11 am PST for a webinar on the Rise of Social Commerce.  Registration at: http://bit.ly/rscwebinar. Meet the new shopper. Underneath the keys of the keyboard, they are shopping in a new way. Unleashing the power of the social network, the digital consumer is shopping with friends, sharing recommendations, and actively engaging in dialogue with brand owners on … [Read more...]

Day 2 recap of Rise of Social Commerce #RSC10

by Christine Tran On Thursday, we wrapped up our Rise of Social Commerce event, which culminated many months of planning and hard work at Altimeter Group, and an exciting year of developments in social commerce. You can now download speaker presentations from our event site, as well as watch video clips on Ustream. (These will continue to be updated.) Here are my favorite take-aways from Day 2 of our event: Pete Blackshaw of Nielsen Online kicked off the day with an outstanding presentation … [Read more...]

Saleforce.com integrates social with Chatter launch

At its Dreamforce conference, Salesforce.com announced the launch of Chatter Collaboration Cloud. On the surface, it may look like merely Twitter integrated deeply into Salesforce.com's offerings, but it's really a social platform that can integrate multiple inputs that will accelerate the opening up of enterprise applications. I was pre-briefed about the announcement, so will walk you through major highlights and also discuss a few implications. Overview Chatter Collaboration Cloud reflects … [Read more...]

Altimeter Welcomes New Partners

It's with great excitement that I'm announcing the addition of three new partners to Altimeter Group. Joining me will be Deb Schultz, Ray Wang, and Jeremiah Owyang (read their thoughts) -- three bright minds, true professionals, and most important of all, great people. (Read the press release.) Our Mission - Providing A Strategic Approach to Emerging Technologies Together, we are taking on the mission of helping clients understand and adapt emerging technologies into their strategies in a … [Read more...]

New study: Deep brand engagement correlates with financial performance

I'm releasing today a new research report that I wrote in conjunction with Wetpaint called "ENGAGEMENTdb". The study looked at how the 100 most valuable brands -- as identified by the 2008 BusinessWeek/Interbrand Best Global Brands ranking -- engaged in 11 different online social media channels. We critiqued the brands on not only their breadth of engagement across these channels, but also their depth, such as whether they reply to comments made on blog posts. Each brand was given a numerical … [Read more...]

Would you invite 16 bloggers to spend 24 hours with your company? The Navy did.

(I previously wrote an intro and link post about the bloggers who went on the USS Nimitz.) When the Navy issued the invitation for 16 bloggers to spend a day on the USS Nimitz, I thought there had to be string attached, or that the Navy wanted to use us bloggers as propaganda spreaders. But hey, I'm used to people pitching me and trusted myself to be able to figure out the real story behind the Navy "story". But surprisingly, there were no pre-conditions, no restrictions on access other than … [Read more...]

Future Of Social Networks presentation from SXSW

I had the honor of presenting at the SXSW conference last Saturday, on the topic "The Future Of Social Networks". I've embedded the slides below, and you can also access them on SlideShare. Below the slides I've included a quick synopsis, including examples of what the future will look like. I'd also like to get your ideas of what you think the experience will be like if/when your identity, contacts, and social activities are ubiquitous. Update: Some additional resources include a Twitter feed … [Read more...]

Charles Schwab on building customer relationships with Net Promoter

I spent the morning at the Net Promoter Conference in San Francisco where I had the opportunity to hear and learn from Charles Schwab President & CEO Walt Bettinger, who discussed how the company turned around by being ultra-focused on customer relationships and how they integrate Net Promoter Scores (NPS) into their strategy. First, a quick tutorial on NPS. It's based on the book The Ultimate Question by Fred Reichheld. Basically, companies using NPS ask a single question of their … [Read more...]