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Christine Tran

This month, we need your help with two reports that will be publishing in July. We're fielding two surveys - on social business governance and employee engagement. If you're involved in your either business efforts at your organization, please take or share these surveys.

As a small incentive to encourage your response, we'll make a donation of $10 to Code for America for each qualified response. Code for America is a non-profit that helps people and governments harness technology to solve community problems. See below for more information about your donation.

Each survey is less than 10 questions long, requiring only 5-10 minutes of your time. Both reports will be published by July 2014.

We value your contributions to our ongoing research efforts.

Survey #1: Social Business Governance


This survey is for anyone responsible for or involved in your organization's social business governance — including heads, directors, and VPs of social strategy or HR, compliance, legal, or risk managers. Altimeter defines Social Business Governance as: a system of tools, people, policies and processes that ensure effective development and management of social business at scale.

Survey #2: Employee Engagement


This survey looks at the current and future state of employee engagement and advocacy. Altimeter defines employee engagement in this sense as: the observable behavior of an employee who is connected to and enthusiastic about their work, and thus will act in a way that furthers their organization's interests. If you are responsible for or involved in your organization's employee engagement and advocacy efforts — we welcome your response.

About Your Donation to Code for America

CfA_logo_cmykThese funds will be earmarked for Code for America's Fellows program, which places developers, designers, and researchers within local governments to help build apps, foster new approaches to problem solving, and tackle social issues that have a significant impact on the community. Currently, there are 30 fellows placed across the United States. More information is available at Disclaimer: Code for America is not affiliated with the content of Altimeter's surveys or research.