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An update on Altimeter’s upcoming research

Charlene Li
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It’s been a few weeks since we announced that Altimeter had been acquired by Prophet. I thought it would be good to provide a quick update, especially what we are doing during the dog days of summer and into the fall on the research front. As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or contributions you’d like to make to our research, please contact us.  

One point of clarification - I’ve been asked how Altimeter’s research changes now that we are a part of Prophet. For the most part, nothing much. We continue to cover the digital disruption space on behalf of the general market, and we remain committed to conducting the research in an independent and objective manner. We operate separately from Prophet’s consulting arm, (which includes consultants in the brand, marketing, digital, design, innovation and analytics space) and are starting to work with our Prophet colleagues on the adoption of Altimeter’s frameworks into consulting deliverables. The consulting arm of Prophet conducts its own research on behalf of clients, such as deep brand and customer research, which is separate from Altimeter’s industry research.

Below are ways to engage with Altimeter around our research -- we look forward to hearing from you!


One of the key ways we conduct our research is to take briefings from vendors, large and small. Go to our Briefings page to learn more. We’re interested in hearing from companies in the following spaces and topics (also included are the lead analysts in each area)

  • Digital data analytics: provide some examples (Susan Etlinger)
  • Employee engagement and employee advocacy platforms:  (Charlene Li)
  • Enterprise collaboration platforms and the Future of Work: collaboration platforms, innovation hubs, holacracy and other organizational models (Charlene Li)
  • Marketing technology platforms:  marketing suites, marketing automation, content management suites, listening platforms (Omar Akhtar)
  • Social media and social business management platforms: social media management, listening, governance, advocacy (Ed Terpening)
  • Digital transformation, innovation centers and customer experience design (Brian Solis)

Recently Published Research

We published two reports in just the last two weeks - in case you missed them, the links are below.

Upcoming Research

We’ve got a full line up of upcoming reports for the fall as well. We always welcome input into these topics -- please contact each analyst directly or use the handy “Contact Us” form. Here are some upcoming reports in Q3 and Q4, as well as general topics we’re constantly researching.


The Six Stages of Digital Transformation: by Brian Solis

The Digital Experience Cloud: Building The Stack For A Single View of The Customer Across The Enterprise: By Omar Akhtar

X: The Experience When Business Meets Design: new book by Brian Solis

Q4 2015:


Harnessing The Value of Employee Engagement by Charlene Li

Creating New Business Models in The World of Big Data: by Susan Etlinger


11/5 Social Media Commerce: An Overview of The Emerging Sales Channel: by Ed Terpening and Omar Akhtar


12/8 The Digital Transformation of Social Selling: by Charlene Li