Altimeter’s Research Themes And Upcoming Research Calendar


As an analyst and research firm focused on disruptive technologies, our clients and others frequently ask us what we are paying attention to and what we are researching. There are a multitude of areas we would like to be paying attention to and probably just as many that we would like to research, but we can’t. So instead, we are focusing on just a few key disruptive themes that have the potential to significantly impact organizations and consumers from tomorrow through three years from now - … [Read more...]

Reflecting on 2011 –and Preparing for Future Growth


By Charlene Li, Founding Partner In the life of a young company, a year is an eternity.I sit here looking back to a year ago and I’m amazed at not only the growth of Altimeter Group, how we have grown as individuals and as a team, and the amazing clients we’ve served. While we often publish our insights on how companies should leverage disruptive technologies, I wanted to share a peek inside of our company. Our journey has seen a lot of growth, here are some stats: We’ve grown from … [Read more...]

VALUES are WHAT you do when no one is LOOKING!

Placing the Values Statements on the Wall of the Hangar

We believe that values are what you do when no one is looking.  They also form the basis for company direction.  Altimeter is growing up!  We are proud to announce the launch of our value-based employee system that will be used in  hiring, moving tough decisions forward, working with clients and developing reward systems.  It took us awhile, but we knew that it was important.  In the assessment of Altimeter’s growth in 2010, the partnership group managing Altimeter realized that one of the … [Read more...]

Welcome to New Digital Advertising/Media Analyst, Rebecca Lieb

Altimeter continues to grow the team. It got even bigger this week when Rebecca Lieb ( came on board as a New York City-based analyst covering digital marketing and media. Rebecca’s been immersed in digital marketing and media for over 10 years. Most recently, she launched Econsultancy’s US operations. For close to eight years she was vice president and editor-in-chief of the ClickZ Network where she also spent several years running She’s taught … [Read more...]

Altimeter Group is “Open” and growing

I've spent the past week holed up with the Altimeter Group team in San Mateo doing the things that all companies need to do every once in a while -- take time off from the everyday to assess where you are and plan for the future. Team members flew in from the East Coat and we all gathered together to build the foundation together. We’ve been in business as a firm for almost two years and have experienced tremendous growth – and also a great deal of growing pains. I thought I’d share a few … [Read more...]

Video: Quick Tour of The Hangar

By Jeremiah Owyang Ever wonder what the Altimeter HQ looks like? We affectionally have dubbed it "The Hangar" and have themed it in aeronautical style, with rooms dubbed "Cloud 9" or "Air Tower" and "Runway". Why a physical space? While we certainly believe in online and remote communication tools, this is a central place we can come together, collaborate, and have clients over for meaningful discussions. You'll find us at our office in the center of Silicon Valley and SF, at 101 and 92 in … [Read more...]

Susan Etlinger Promoted to Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group

by Charlene Li We are thrilled to announce that Susan Etlinger has been promoted to Industry Analyst. Susan joined Altimeter a year ago to kick off our consulting offerings and has helped several clients formulate their overall social media strategies. Over the past year Susan has established herself as an authority in particular around social media and measurement. She speaks at events like SXSWi and Social Media Week, and is regularly quoted in press such as The Wall Street … [Read more...]

Altimeter’s Pilot Series: A Community Discussion the Mainstreaming Of Social Media

By Charlene Li Last week we kicked off our Pilot Series (see all pics), with the goal of giving the people who drive strategies around disruptive technologies (the "pilots") have a time and place where they can come together to connect, learn, and rejuvenate. Our first event featured the latest addition to the Altimeter team, Brian Solis, who discussed the changes he's seen happen in just the past year -- and it's reflected in the paperback release of his book, "Engage". Brian took the … [Read more...]

Brian Solis Joins Altimeter Group

We are excited to announce that Brian Solis is joining Altimeter Group. (read Brian's post). As a long-time practitioner, author, and thought leader in the digital and social media space, Brian brings tremendous experience and thought leadership to the Altimeter team. In particular, his research and client work at Altimeter will focus on bridging the gap between strategy and execution, and change management, and process innovation. Brian will serve clients through advisory services, internal … [Read more...]

Altimeter Is Hiring Analysts for Mobile, Business Intelligence, and Digital Advertising/Media

We’re excited to announce that we are looking for people to fill analyst roles in three areas: Mobile, Business Intelligence, and Digital Advertising & Media. Why these areas? Altimeter is focused on creating strategies for companies around disruptive technologies – not just social media. We hear from clients over and over again that they need deeper strategies in these three areas, hence our focus. I’ve included more details about each area below. We take special pride in our boutique, … [Read more...]