Your Questions About Corporate Social Media Education

Large enterprises are rolling out social media at scale – and training and education for employees is critical. Well-developed social media education programs can help companies achieve business goals by reducing social media risk and activating employees for engagement and advocacy. Charlene Li and I presented our most recent research and report in a webinar, now available for replay. The webinar provides a recap of the latest data and trends in social media education for businesses. Our … [Read more...]

Detecting Disruption: Interest vs. Investment of Emerging Technologies in the Enterprise

Survey Question: Often with emerging technologies, there is a disconnect between what people are excited or care most about vs. what they will actually invest in. Of the following technologies, please indicate your company’s interest or investment: (If you don't know what any of these technologies are, simply leave that row blank.)

One question Altimeter hears frequently is “What’s next?” A better way to ask this is “What should we care about?” Often with emerging technologies, there is a disconnect between what people are excited or care most about versus what they will actually invest in. As a research firm focused on business disruption, Altimeter lives at the crux of this distinction. To this end, we asked more than 100 Digital Strategists at Enterprise companies to delineate between interest and investment in … [Read more...]

Have a Voice in Altimeter Research

Digital, Social, Content Strategists:  We want to hear from you! Would you be willing to participate in our latest survey? Click here to get started: Wondering how other organizations are mapping their customer journeys? What data streams are integrated for seamless customer engagement? Who actually “owns” content marketing anyway? Share your insights with us and we’ll send you the full results upon completion. As part of our 2014 research efforts, Altimeter is … [Read more...]

Webinar Replay: Building a Corporate Social Media Education Program

Last week, Charlene Li, Ed Terpening, and I hosted a webinar on how large enterprises — like ARAMARK, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, RadioShack — are rolling out corporate social media education, and why. These findings come from our recent research and report on the topic, which you can download in its entirety here. If you missed it, not to worry. As usual, we’ve posted the entire replay on Slideshare and below, so  bookmark this page and watch it at your convenience. And, if you have any … [Read more...]

A New Year, A New Look

Altimeter Logo

Take a look around our site today, you might notice a very subtle change. We’ve seen a lot of change in our industry, not to mention at Altimeter, since we started five years ago. It felt like the right time to refresh our brand. Late last year, we embarked on a creative refresh -- driven by our agency Bluetext -- to re-imagine what Altimeter means to us, and our clients, partners, and other friends. Not surprisingly, there were a few moments of resistance. We loved our logo and we thought … [Read more...]

Facebook may be losing teens, but it won’t lose brands.

Facebook may be losing teens (/the cool kids), but contrary to some beliefs, 2014 will not be a dire year for the company. In fact, brands will capitalize on some big opportunities that Facebook presents to make significant business contributions. In particular, they will take advantage of lookalike ad targeting, ad targeting based on existing customer email lists, and gain more insights about their existing customers by leveraging Facebook data. Mobile apps like Instagram, SnapChat, Vine, … [Read more...]

Social TV: Solving for Synchronicity in an On-Demand Future


Real-time content synchronization between offline and online media has become the darling of social TV, frequently serving as its very definition for companies looking to marry traditional and digital marketing experiences. Take Target, for example. Prior to the 2013 release of Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience,” Target promoted the album synchronously on social, mobile, and TV. Its Facebook video post offered an exclusive pre-order of the album, and appeared simultaneously in fans’ news … [Read more...]

Trends to Watch in 2014 from Altimeter Group

About 2014 on graph

As we launch into 2014, the analysts at Altimeter each pulled together a compilation of trends and issues they are watching closely this year. Below is a link to each post as well as a synopsis of some of the top themes we are exploring. As you read through each post, you’ll see that there are commonalities and overlap. This isn’t a surprise, as we have multiple people researching different aspects of customer experience, big data, innovation, and digital marketing. The diversity of thought and … [Read more...]

2014 Trends: Organizing Around the Social Customer

Customer attention will continue to fragment in 2014, making it harder than ever for brands to engage with customers. But it will also be the year in which brands capitalize on a largely untapped opportunity presented by social media—applying social signals to enhance targeting and personalization in existing customer engagement channels such as email and advertising. Here are six trends that relate to this theme: 1. The promise of Social CRM will finally be fulfilled. Social Media Management … [Read more...]

The Six Business Cases for Real-Time Marketing

Figure 2 N3

As digital channels operate increasingly in the ‘now,’ all marketing organizations must consider to what degree they will function in real-time, and even define what real-time is relative to their operations and marketing organization. The payoff? That digital marketing ideal: the right message to the right person at the right time. The right instant, even. Real-time marketing (RTM) can add tremendous value to customer interactions; making brands appear relevant, with-it, informed, dynamic … [Read more...]