Smart Spam? Security Concerns Around the Internet of Things


Your refrigerator has a message for you -- and no, it’s not that you need more orange juice-- it’s an ad for belly fat pills. Thanks, Refrigerator. This post was originally posted on Wearable World News. The original can be found here. Recently computer security company, Proofpoint discovered a cyber attack (malware) campaign in which some 25% of compromised computers were smart devices, including home routers, webcams, home entertainment centers, burglar alarms, and yes—refrigerators. … [Read more...]

Interoperability: The Challenge Facing the Internet of Things

At the most basic level, the Internet of Things (IoT) is connectivity between people, processes and things. While this is as vast as it sounds—spanning all industries, the enterprise, and consumers — one of the central-most challenges facing IoT is the enablement of seamless interoperability between each connection. This post will explore the challenge interoperability poses to IoT, where we are today, and where we’re headed. Addressing this challenge is essential to unlocking the full potential … [Read more...]

Detecting Disruption: Interest vs. Investment of Emerging Technologies in the Enterprise

Survey Question: Often with emerging technologies, there is a disconnect between what people are excited or care most about vs. what they will actually invest in. Of the following technologies, please indicate your company’s interest or investment: (If you don't know what any of these technologies are, simply leave that row blank.)

One question Altimeter hears frequently is “What’s next?” A better way to ask this is “What should we care about?” Often with emerging technologies, there is a disconnect between what people are excited or care most about versus what they will actually invest in. As a research firm focused on business disruption, Altimeter lives at the crux of this distinction. To this end, we asked more than 100 Digital Strategists at Enterprise companies to delineate between interest and investment in … [Read more...]

Have a Voice in Altimeter Research

Digital, Social, Content Strategists:  We want to hear from you! Would you be willing to participate in our latest survey? Click here to get started: Wondering how other organizations are mapping their customer journeys? What data streams are integrated for seamless customer engagement? Who actually “owns” content marketing anyway? Share your insights with us and we’ll send you the full results upon completion. As part of our 2014 research efforts, Altimeter is … [Read more...]

SXSW 2013: Altimeter Group Wrap-Up

It's been a week since SXSW 2013 and here at Altimeter Group, we’ve had a chance to reflect on what we saw. Check out our coverage from analysts, consultants, researchers, and even media. We'll be updating as more coverage comes in. Our Coverage: Altimeter’s Take: The Technologies that Matter from SXSW 2013, by Jeremiah Owyang & Chris Silva, Analysts SXSW is a Festival, Not Just a Conference, by Jeremiah Owyang, Analyst SXSW 2013: Data, Data Everywhere!, by Jaimy Szymanski, … [Read more...]