Google better organizes our world –and sells us back the experience

This post originally appeared on my Altimeter analyst Jeremiah Owyang's Web Strategy Blog By Chris Silva and Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analysts at Altimeter Group  Last year’s over hyped skydiving was replaced by down to earth by grounded product enhancements.  We’re live from the Google IO conference in SF with 6,000 developers, press, and media in San Francisco’s Moscone event center. We noticed a lot of Glass Explorer units (which surprisingly was barely mentioned in the keynote) we’ve … [Read more...]

The Phone Doesn’t Matter In #FacebookPhone

  This post was also cross-posted at my blog We all gathered amidst the rain and clouds at Facebook HQ, 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA to see what would be unveiled. A new flagship Android phone, tailored toward Facebook users? A new branch of the Android OS? A groundbreaking partnership? Turns out it’s an application – a launcher to bring Facebook to the top of the Android OS on the devices it will run on and, in addition, some purpose-built hardware that will … [Read more...]

Monolithic Mobile, Will You Buy In?

This post originally appeared on analyst Chris Silva's blog My colleague Brian's blog is abuzz with comments about mobile strategy, so key to success he urges readers to "[f]orget about social media," at least for a moment. Brian's comparison of social to mobile is apt, both began as fragmented, bootstrapped efforts, then social got the attention of the CMO. Now, it's mobile's turn; it's unfortunately common to come across companies with solid customer mobile initiatives … [Read more...]

New Research: Building A Foundation For Mobile

One of the major themes in our research this year is Adaptive Organization. As we think about what makes organizations adaptive, it's not just the tools and services that they embrace but also their ability to adapt to change to stay in touch internally and to reach customers and prospects proactively. A key ingredient to making companies more adaptive is the use of mobile technology, but many organization are not yet in a position to truly capitalize on mobile due to their lack of proper … [Read more...]

Samsung, Apple, Innovation And Fishwrap

This post first appeared on Chris Silva's blog Make Mobile Work. In the wake of the Samsung/Apple trial verdict the news is crawling with hyperbole about how disruptive the verdict will be to the mobile OS ecosystem, specifically Android’s momentum. Nothing new in the world of tech reporting, of course. In reality, life is long and the sea changes predicted rarely amount to more than surface ripples. Will Android and its ecosystem be affected by the recent pro-Apple verdict in its battle … [Read more...]

Google+ The New Enterprise Social Network?

by Charlene Li and Chris Silva Google announced Google+ for Enterprises today with Hangouts integration into Docs and Calendar as well as administrative controls such as default posting to only within the company. We've been doing some research on the topic of enterprise social networks and, with Google moving into this market, have some thoughts around why this is a bigger deal than just another Google feature announcement. Google has a few things going for it that the pure plays like … [Read more...]

What We Heard At #AGMobileUp

Thanks to all those who helped us make our #AGMobileUP Tweetup a success last night in Boston. We had a great and varied group of attendees hailing from agencies, mobile startups and the VC community as well. We all had great conversations and great food (don't believe me? See Joselin Mane of BostonTWeetUp's amazing writeup) and a few themes stuck out to me: On Mobile Social/Mobile Is Cool, But It Scares Us A Bit: Gathered around someone's iPhone, as one does at a mobile tweetup, we all … [Read more...]

The Mobile Experience, Tables, Chairs and Screens

This post originally appeared on Chris Silva's MakeMobileWork blog. We talk a lot about screens these days, so much so that for me to type the word "table" without appending a "t" onto the end has become somewhat of a difficult task. That said, there's much talk about how it's important to converse with customers across the multiplying number of screens we interact with daily, but little thought given to what the experiences on each screen, each surface really are. In a meeting this week, … [Read more...]

Google Says, “It’s Our Turn” In Mobile

This is a repost from Chris Silva's blog Make Mobile Work. I spent yesterday morning at the Google I/O developer conference and, aside from peopleliterally skydiving into the event – the news was largely tech-related and heavily mobile. Google made announcements of its new Nexus Tablet, the JellyBean aka Android 4.1 OS and home media sharing features of its new Nexus Q device. Here is what stands out: Android grows up – It was no accident that the Android portion of the keynote opened … [Read more...]

New Enterprise Mobility Report: “Power To The People”

Today marks the publication of Altimeter Group's newest enterprise mobility research report, authored by analyst Chris Silva. We began with a hypothesis that, as the age of mobile = email has come to a close, are mobile employees being served with the proper applications to make them be more productive? Our guess was that they weren't, and largely, rollouts are just getting started but there are already some lessons to be learned. The most important is that different roles have different needs … [Read more...]