Redefining Marketing: What it Means to be a Modern Marketer

Modern Marketer

Marketing has changed substantially in the past few decades. With the proliferation of CRM, ecommerce, cookies, loyalty programs, etc. marketers have more customer data than ever. And just in the past few years, the widespread adoption of social and mobile technologies has brought more complexity, yet also the potential for even greater insight into the customer journey. The result of this goes beyond an update in marketing tactics, but a redefinition of marketing. Wikipedia tells us that, … [Read more...]

Battle of the Marketing Clouds


IBM officially joined the Marketing Cloud battle today, with the news that it is acquiring marketing automation vendor SilverPop. This expands IBM’s  capabilities to scale personalized customer engagement beyond Unica—certainly in email, but across all digital channels. (IBM is no stranger to marketing software, but they've really not been a contender in this category) IBM confidently announced on the call that the other vendors were clearly following their lead in building the technology … [Read more...]

Wildfire is dead. Long live Wildfire?

When Google bought Wildfire for $350M, it took many by surprise. What did Google want with a Social Relationship Management company? Google is in the ad business, not the SRM business. Last year Google announced it was integrating Wildfire’s technology into DoubleClick, and Wildfire dropped off the radar as a social business tool since then. So yesterday’s announcement that Wildfire Social Marketing Suite was being sunsetted was not a shock. Why the acquisition in the first place? Social … [Read more...]

What is Sprinklr getting with the acquisition of Dachis Group?

Two things: 1. To stay competitive with (or arguably ahead of) the giants in the social world—Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle—Sprinklr needed to build out its analytics capabilities. While Dachis started as a services company, they’ve been more focused on software for measuring, benchmarking, and optimizing social efforts since the beginning of 2012. In a call about the acquisition with Sprinklr CEO Ragy Thomas, he said: This was a client-driven acquisition. We built an inside-out platform and … [Read more...]

Facebook may be losing teens, but it won’t lose brands.

Facebook may be losing teens (/the cool kids), but contrary to some beliefs, 2014 will not be a dire year for the company. In fact, brands will capitalize on some big opportunities that Facebook presents to make significant business contributions. In particular, they will take advantage of lookalike ad targeting, ad targeting based on existing customer email lists, and gain more insights about their existing customers by leveraging Facebook data. Mobile apps like Instagram, SnapChat, Vine, … [Read more...]

2014 Trends: Organizing Around the Social Customer

Customer attention will continue to fragment in 2014, making it harder than ever for brands to engage with customers. But it will also be the year in which brands capitalize on a largely untapped opportunity presented by social media—applying social signals to enhance targeting and personalization in existing customer engagement channels such as email and advertising. Here are six trends that relate to this theme: 1. The promise of Social CRM will finally be fulfilled. Social Media Management … [Read more...]

Follow the Money: Managing the Social Relationship

On Tuesday, Sprinklr raised $17.5M in series C funding. That follows additional rounds raised by other enterprise social media management vendors in the past year, including: Spredfast raised an $18M series C in February, Hootsuite raised $165M in its series B in August, and HearSay Social raised $30M in its series C in September. What is all this money for? Is an investment in these enterprise social vendors a sensible one? I recently wrote about how Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle are … [Read more...]

The Digital Marketing Suite: As companies become advanced in social and digital business, they require consolidated technology instead of point solutions.

  Adobe Marketing Summit and Oracle OpenWorld both took place recently. It’s another month until Dreamforce, but I expect similar announcements to be made there. These giants are all building “suites” for cross-channel customer engagement through a series of acquisitions and integration with their existing offerings (see Figure 1). Among the pieces, each has bought social media monitoring and management tools, as well as marketing automation players. Having a complete social offering is … [Read more...]

Report: How Brands Manage Complex Social Business Programs

Last week, Jeremiah and I published Altimeter Group’s first “short doc,” focused on in-depth case studies that illustrate how large brands are managing complex, distributed social media programs. We look at how four brands prepare and organize internally, and employ technology, to meet distinct business objectives: • Whole Foods puts local social engagement into the hands of store managers. • General Motors organizes for social business internally, then supports regions. • Amway empowers … [Read more...]